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Hannah B. on The Bachelor ABC

The next Bachelorette is always chosen from the previous season of The Bachelor. She usually starts filming her new season right away after the Bachelor finale, to air in the spring. But you know who thinks none of Colton Underwood's bachelorettes is up to snuff for The Bachelorette Season 15? Season 13's Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay:

I don’t think it should be anybody from this season. There’s just so much cattiness going on. You don’t know who to believe, you don’t know what’s true. I don’t trust any of them! She said this, she said that, and usually, when you get down to the top four, it’s drama-free. … There’s just so much going on. I don’t like it! I can’t see any of them being the next Bachelorette.

Yeah, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay made a good point in her candid comments to Us Weekly. There has been a lot of she said/she said drama on Colton Underwood's season. Colton is also providing some of his own drama tonight during the overnight dates episode when he finally jumps that fence. This season is meant to have an off-the-rails finale next week, but first we have the fantasy suites tonight, and the Women Tell All tomorrow (Tuesday, March 5).

Some of The Bachelor Season 23 drama has centered around Caelynn Miller-Keyes, aka Miss North Carolina USA 2018, who clashed on the pageant circuit with Hannah Brown, aka Miss Alabama USA 2018.

Caelynn, who was just eliminated last week, was also dragged into the drama with Colton's clear favorite Cassie Randolph, when both were accused of being there for the -- wait for it -- "wrong reasons." Wanting to be the next Bachelorette was thrown in as an accusation against the pair.

For her part, Caelynn told Us Weekly at the Women Tell All taping that she would not be that excited to return as the Bachelorette:

I think I would be hesitant, just because this process sucked for me. I mean, it was absolute hell for me.

Well, that's putting it pretty bluntly.

Do you want to know who the next Bachelorette will be? It ... won't be Khloe Kardashian. But spoiler king Reality Steve did share scoop on what he heard as the current plan. Do you want to know? Here it comes:

So, as far as he knows at this point, Hannah Brown, 24, of Northport, Alabama will be the 2019 Bachelorette. He says they'll announce it next week on the After the Final Rose special. I can't say I'm excited about that -- I'd rather see ABC try something brand new -- but so be it.

Reality Steve also posted more spoilers on what reportedly happens on the finale, and where things stand now with Colton and his Chosen One.

The Bachelor's crazy endgame begins tonight (Monday, March 4) at 8 p.m. and continues with the Women Tell All Tuesday at 8 p.m. Then the final airs Monday, March 11, with the After the Final Rose episode on March 12. Here's what else is airing during the most dramatic midseason ever.