What The Project Blue Book Finale's Final Moments Mean, According To The Showrunner

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Spoilers ahead for Project Blue Book's Season 1 finale.

Project Blue Book ended its first season with some glowing final moments. What do they mean? Well, not exactly what many viewers may have thought. Project Blue Book’s showrunner Sean Jablonski has decrypted those final moments to reveal their true meaning. In a post-finale interview, Jablonski revealed:

We have been setting it up. These have been little Easter eggs we’ve sort of setup all season. [Antarctica’s] coordinates were part of the numbers that he heard in the mind control lab early on that led us there. To me, to us, to the show, the Antarctic holds a lot of secrets and ties back to Operation Highjump, this link opens in a new tab, which happened in the early ‘40s following World War II when our government [and] military felt that the Nazis had discovered alien technology and bases in the Antarctic. There’s a lot of sort of energy around it now — by that I mean, a lot of curiosity about what’s going on in the Arctic right now where you can see pyramids on Google Earth. There’s a lot of mythology that we’re trying to tap into.

Get ready to start Googling! Arctic pyramids may be news to some. According to what Project Blue Book’s showrunner told EW, Antarctica will be the gateway to a lot of story in Season 2. The job of the Season 1 finale is to pave the way for the next season, all the while giving fans something to think about as they prepare to wait for the second season of the History series.

The final moments of the drama’s freshman season did just that. As for the other big moment of the finale with the glowing obelisk... well, do not get too excited about aliens coming to Project Blue Book in Season 2. Here is what showrunner Sean Jablonski had to say about that:

I will say that in terms of when you see the object glow and the obelisk glow, we are not setting a stage for, ‘Okay, we just turned on a large antenna and have called the aliens to come down.’ We want to get people excited that we’ve expanded the mythology and get them curious as to what that allows us to do in terms of peeling back the layers of the larger cover-up going on next season. We want to feel like we’re closer than we’ve ever been before in terms of discovering something. I can say this from being in the room breaking the first episode for Season 2: we do address it. We don’t kick the can down the road. It does have some very real world explanations.

If the glowing obelisk is not an antenna for the aliens, what is it? That will be one of the mysteries that Season 2 digs deeper into going forward. The positive news is that Project Blue Book’s showrunner is confirming it will get addressed.

The finale is opening the door to a broader mythos not necessarily an affirmative alien influx. The goal is to get to people focused on the cover-up at play heading into Season 2 and what it regards. Based on what the showrunner is saying, he wants viewers to feel like real progress is being made with the show's storyline.

Project Blue Book’s second season is apparently already making a considerable amount of headway. The series’ showrunner says that the team has broken ground on writing the Season 2 premiere. He promises something many shows rooted in a paranormal mythos seldom commit to: explanations. When it comes to extraterrestrial dramas, that can be a tricky balance.

The History hit has undoubtedly managed to stir the curiosity it was hoping to with its final moments. You have the Antarctic potentially joining the equation and glowing objects. That is a lot of momentum to carry it into its next installment.

The series follows astrophysics professor Dr. J. Allen Hynek and his partner, Air Force Captain Michael Quinn, as they investigate UFO activity. It stars Game of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen (he played Littlefinger) and The Vampire Diaries’ Michael Malarkey (he played Enzo on the drama) in those roles, respectively.

At the end of Season 1, Hynek and Quinn both seem to believe in the existence of something extraterrestrial. Whether they are right or wrong about that will be something to continue watching for in Season 2.

A premiere date for Season 2 of Project Blue Book has not got set yet. When it does premiere, it will do so on History.

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