How Star Trek: Discovery's Sexy Spock Look Came Together

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Outside of its major plot twists, Star Trek: Discovery has made headlines thanks to Ethan Peck's portrayal of Spock, and his performance has thus far gained approval from fans. Peck has even managed to garner praise for elevating Spock's sex appeal, which isn't something the masses heaped upon Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto's performances. So, what is it about this Spock that makes his sexiness stand out?

Fashion has a part to play in it, for one, although when Star Trek: Discovery costume designer Gersha Phillips recently spoke with CinemaBlend, she didn't take all the credit for making Spock a grade-A sci-fi snack. While the look can make the man, metaphorically speaking, Phillips said the swagger that Ethan Peck brings to the character plays another big part, and so Phillips explained she and her team worked on giving him a more worn and less-pristine aesthetic, complete with a nubuck leather jacket. In her words:

It just gave this look of a man that had been on a journey and that was really, you know, what we were trying to bring forth. And I guess those elements together became sexy. It's interesting, but I do think a lot of it is Ethan, his physicality, and what he brings to the table. His voice I think lends itself to that as well. The combination definitely [can] create a very specific Spock.

Through just this slightly rugged look, Star Trek: Discovery's costume team presented fans with a Spock who is still very much in control and sure of himself, but largely because he's finally accepted that there's just so much he doesn't understand about this Red Angel debacle. Confusion can be sexy, too, right?

The verdict's still out on the beard, for the most part, but many seem to give overall approval for Spock's look and general attitude. Considering the love that Star Trek fans have for the iconic character, that's a big win for both Ethan Peck and the Discovery producers.

Creating Spock's look was not as simple as finding a slightly roughed-up outfit and throwing it on the actor. Gersha Phillips, who also explained to us the non-binary nature of Discovery's outfits, said she and her fells designers have to go through multi-stage processes when deciding what works for a certain character. As Phillips explained, creating Spock's aesthetic went through three different stages, but the end result was a combination of her team's work and the actor's demeanor.

In the script, he just vibes in a certain manner, and so that's what we try to bring to life. Ethan himself brings certain qualities to Spock... I wanted to do something that felt real, you know, [that] spoke a little bit to his condition.

The end result is a deceptively simple and casual look that still differs from other Vulcans like his father Sarek. The frills and design that Sarek boasts with his own clothes aren't found on Spock's jacket, which falls in line with the younger Vulcan's practical nature, and his lack of concern over such flair. Apparently, the most extreme that Spock will get with his color schemes happens when he finally gets into his iconic Starfleet uniform!

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