Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Reveals First Look At Classic Enterprise Costumes And More

The Enterprise and the Discovery will link up in Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, and with it, so will some of the original series' most classic elements. Some of those elements were on display recently, as the show released a video that gave fans a first look at some things that will appear in Season 2 of the Star Trek series. There is a lot to talk about, beginning with the appearance of the classic Enterprise costumes from the original series shown via concept art with a twist:

It appears Star Trek: Discovery took a step forward in adopting the series' more traditional outfits with the USS Enterprise dresses, although that largely depends on the model of the dress the crew is wearing. The third design and fourth design are closest to the original uniforms seen in the original Star Trek series. Admittedly, the suits are still a darker shade of red. Each outfit also has the signature trim on the shoulders Star Trek: Discovery has incorporated into its unique uniforms. The uniforms may not be as accurate as the Star Trek purists would like, but they do look appropriate and in line with the series' general aesthetic, which some might agree is more important.

After all, sometimes the old way isn't necessarily the best way. Surely even the most stubborn of classic Star Trek fans will agree after seeing the series' classic badges have gotten a Star Trek: Discovery facelift:

Star Trek Insignia Star Trek Discovery CBS All Access

It's all subjective, of course, but one would imagine members of the USS Enterprise prefer metal badges over patches any day of the week. Eagle-eyed Star Trek fans will also notice this badge has the support services logo engraved on its inside, which is the standard badge for red shirts. Speaking of shirts, there were also some brief glimpses of the yellow captain uniforms and even a quick glimpse of someone wearing one.

Unfortunately, Star Trek: Discovery gave no indication regarding who it may be, but there are a few options. The first, and most obvious, is that the man of mystery is USS Enterprise Captain Christopher Pike. As obvious as it may be, Anson Mount was already announced as Pike, so the production crew would have little reason to hide his face from fans. Another option could be the man wearing the yellow shirt is the USS Discovery's new captain, which would justify the air of mystery behind it. It may also be some other yellow shirt-wearing character that hasn't been announced yet, so the mystery will just have to simmer until more answers are revealed. Take a look for yourself:

Yellow Shirt Guy Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Seeing is only half the fun in the Star Trek: Discovery video, as audio mixed with the minute-long glimpse reveals an unseen character who fans are excited to see. Audio from Leonard Nimoy's performance as Spock in the original Star Trek can be heard, which could give credence to the speculation that the adult Spock will be seen in the Star Trek series in some way. Michael Burnham's voice can be heard soon after, and Sonequa Martin-Green's character can be heard talking about the need to forge her own path. Does this revelation come from a pep-talk with her adopted Vulcan brother?

Production on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 is underway, but no word has been announced as far as when it will appear on CBS All Access. For a look at other programming coming to television in the meantime, visit our midseason and summer premiere guide. To see the full first look at Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, head over to the next page.

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