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daryl carol the walking dead season 10 amc

The Walking Dead capped off Season 9 with a snow-filled follow-up to one of the series' most deadly episodes. Now, fans are heading into Season 10 with questions about how all of the survivors are going to co-exist knowing that Alpha and the Whisperers are out there, waiting on a reason to strike again.

Thankfully, the Season 10 trailer made its grand debut at San Diego Comic-Con today, giving audiences a better idea of what to expect from Negan as a free-ish man as the show gets ready to say goodbye to star Danay Gurira and Michonne. Check it out below!

Ooooooooooh, boy! There is all kinds of trouble ahead. But, we knew that already, didn't we? What we didn't know was just how things were going to go with those dangerous-ass Whisperers, and now it kinda looks like our favorite band of survivors (plus Negan) will simply decide to confront them head-on by crossing Alpha's precious border. To be honest, though, maybe if there weren't people-sized holes in that "fence" if would be a lot harder.

Daryl has a point when he tells Carol, during their joint philosophical session, that they seem to just "be surviving one fight to the next." And we do see lots of preparation for the Whisperer fight to come, along with the beginnings of a beach battle that features a perfect setup for tiny zombie-killing badass Judith to do her worst.

Speaking of Daryl and Carol, they are clearly considering taking off, and who can blame them for wanting to sit out yet another deadly fight when they've already helped so much, lost so many people and continued to survive? They likely won't be heading out west on Daryl's bike any time soon, but we know that Michonne is leaving, and she certainly seems to be missing her "partner in crime." So, while she and Ezekiel appear to currently be doing partner in crime things, maybe she'll be ready to head off and try to find Rick once the group dispatches of the Whisperers.

For as much as it did show fans, the trailer couldn't answer one of the biggest questions that has sounded from the fanbase in the last year: what's going to happen to Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes? We know he's set to return to the franchise in a series of standalone features, which will likely feature more Walking Dead cast members, but that's about all we know. Fear the Walking Dead has been dropping some helicopter-related clues of its own, but it'll still be a while before we get some resolution on that front.

The Walking Dead Season 10 is set to join the fall TV schedule when it hits AMC on October 6, in its usual time slot of 9:00 p.m. ET. Don't forget to check in on Alycia Debnam-Carey's Alicia when the Season 5 midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead, too, which will air on Sunday, July 21, at 9:00 p.m. ET.