Will Batman Ever Show Up On Batwoman? The Producers Talk The Caped Crusader

Batman suit in Batwoman Pilot

We’ve known for some time that Batwoman would be heading to the CW in a Batman-less world. However, because Kate Kane is a cousin of Bruce Wayne’s, there was some question regarding how Batman would be handled in the new series, particularly after we got the first trailer for the show. After a screening and panel at Comic-Con 2019, we know more about what to expect when the series hits the air.

Speaking at Comic-Con 2018, executive producers Caroline Dries and Sarah Schechter spoke about whether or not Batman will ultimately show up in Batwoman, taking a note from Supergirl to explain the process. According to Caroline Dries, “anything is possible.” She told fans:

I’d say anything is possible. As everyone in this room knows how strict DC is with letting us use the Batman property. They’re just very careful with it, because it’s such a [big property]. I think with Supergirl, as we were establishing her, we didn’t actually want Superman right away. We wanted you guys to get to know her. I think part of Kate’s journey is not to just fill these abandoned shoes, but to find her home. So, I think it’s really important she has that time for all of us to spend with her and figure out what it means.

Look, it’s clear that Batwoman is not prioritizing Batman right now, but the show has a lot on its hands just introducing a brand new character into the Arrow-verse. Having said that, the early preview of the show at San Diego Comic-Con showed there are plenty of references to Batman in the Batwoman pilot, including things like the Bat-Signal and Bruce Wayne’s Batcave and manor.

Bruce Wayne and Kate are cousins in the series and seem to know each other pretty well, but both Batman and Bruce Wayne have been missing in action for some time at the start of the pilot. Batwoman will often be a show about a newcomer stepping into those giant shoes, and Caroline Dries also talked a little bit more about how Bruce Wayne sort of becomes Batwoman’s mentor in this show through a series of journals that will guide her on her path. She told audiences:

He continues to be such a huge part of the conversation in every episode because Kate is constantly trying to get out of his shadow. At the same time, she’s consulting him via these voice overs, these journals and letters to Bruce. Because she sees him as a mentor. She wishes she could have his advice. I thought it would be cool if one day she opens her journal and there’s a letter to her from him. And we’re wondering how that got there.

It’s unclear if this moment will make it into the final version of Season 1 of Batwoman. Regardless, it’s a compelling way to bring in Batman without physically bringing in Batman.

Ultimately, however, other producer Sarah Schechter doesn’t feel the lack of Batman – at least early on – will cast a pall over the brand new series. She revealed what she finds most interesting about what she deemed “the shadow of Batman” on this version of Gotham in the arrow-verse’s Earth-1.

To me, what’s so interesting about this shadow of Batman that’s kind of been cast over Gotham, and what do you do in this sort of post-hero world? So, I think it’s so much fun without him.

At the end of the day, if we’re comparing Supergirl to Batwoman, the former series did eventually bring in Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and that addition has worked out for the CW series. It’s unclear if Batwoman will ever follow the same path and fully bring in Batman rather than just hint at him, but it seems like it won’t be happening early on.

You can catch Batwoman when it finally hits the CW schedule this fall on Sunday, October 6 at 8 p.m. ET. Be sure to check out what else the network has coming with our full fall TV premiere schedule.

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