George R.R. Martin Teases Dragons In The Game Of Thrones Prequel

Two of Dany's dragons

It's still hard to believe that Game of Thrones is in the rear view, after HBO's fantasy series was such a major part of pop culture for the last few years. The final season is somewhat divisive among the fandom, who took umbrage with the pacing and certain plot twists. But that hasn't quelled the excitement over the three spinoffs in development at the network, including prequels to Westeros' story as we know it. And now George R.R. Martin is teasing the franchise's most iconic creatures: dragons.

HBO is actively working on some spinoffs for Game of Thrones, set before the events of the series and George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels. Just what to expect from these follow-up shows is a mystery, as it's still fairly early in the development process. Rumors indicate that Dany's Targaryen ancestors would factor into the story, a theory that is gaining extra momentum with Martin's tease about dragons. As he put it:

I can say that there will be dragons. Everyone else has said that, so why not me?

Gear up to take flight, because the Game of Thrones prequel serious is going to have some dragons involved. But just how much the fire breathing creatures will factor into the story remain a mystery, as the pilot hasn't even been ordered yet.

This update comes to us from George R.R. Martin's personal blog, which he regularly uses to directly communicate with the generations of Game of Thrones fans. That fandom is eager for more content within the world of Westeros, both on the screen and on the page. Avid readers have been waiting for his upcoming novel The Winds of Winter since the last book arrived back in 2011. There was also a six year gap before A Dance with Dragons was released, so Martin's fans have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming novel, and it's ability to finally move the story forward.

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As for the spinoff, not much is known about when we should expect news to come from the possible series, and how serious of a chance it has at the network. It make sense that HBO would want to capitalize on the active market, although it appears to be a long road toward production. George R.R. Martin elaborated on this process, saying:

I do want to point out that 'moving closer to a pilot order' is NOT the same thing as 'getting a pilot order.' Would that it were. This is encouraging, this is exciting, but don’t buy the couch just yet. When HBO actually gives us a pilot order, you will hear me shouting it from the rooftops. A series order, and I’ll be shouting even louder. But we’ll see. Right now all the signs are good, but nothing is confirmed.

Well, that's one way of keeping our expectations based in reality. Because while a Game of Thrones spinoff seems like a no brainer, that doesn't guarantee that HBO will move forward with one of the developing projects. It has to be the right team and story. Although George R.R. Martin does seem hopeful about the possibility of another series on the network, so hopefully we'll return to Westeros sooner rather than later.

Luckily, Game of Thrones only recently ended, and the fans could probably benefit from some time to sit with wild events of its finale. There were a ton of twists involved in the show's conclusion, some of which didn't sit right with the fans. As such, jumping into another series within the same universe might not be the best idea, given the timing.

CinemaBlend will continue to update you on all things Game of Thrones, especially regarding the developing spinoffs. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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