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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the NCIS episode "Going Mobile." Read at your own risk.

NCIS was Ziva-less in "Going Mobile," but that doesn't mean she wasn't the main topic of the discussion. Jacqueline Sloane was tasked with picking the team's brains about how they felt about her re-emergence, and how they thought the others felt about it as well. The episode gave viewers an inside look at what's happening in the minds of characters with regard to Ziva's latest disappearance, including Gibbs.

Gibbs confessed to Jack that he was still struggling with Ziva's return, and that he was even more of a mess now that she was gone again. Gibbs was struggling with what he should do now that she's off the grid again, and told Jack he wasn't going after her but questioning on whether or not that was the right call.

She's gone again. Does that mean I'm supposed to be out there looking for her... What does she expect from me? What if she does need me... What do I do?

As we previously learned, Gibbs didn't go looking for Ziva the first time because he assumed that she was dead. Jack mentioned that oversight was a violation of the NCIS team leader's rule of "Trust but verify," and Gibbs assured her he was well aware he broke the rule. What are the odds that he makes that mistake again in the future after this story arc is over?

Gibbs ultimately asked Jack what he should do, and the forensic psychologist (who may or may not have a "thing" with Gibbs) said that he would give Ziva the space she needs for now. Ziva came back once, and she'll resurface again should she need Gibbs' help again. He doesn't need to go looking for Ziva, at least according to Jack.

Will Gibbs actually stick with that advice, or will he end up just going after Ziva anyway? I can't say I blame him considering the relationship the two have, and he has to be devastated to lose her so soon after seeing her again. At the same time Ziva has managed to survive off the grid for this long, so she should be able to take care of herself until the next episode she appears just fine.

And now that Ziva is officially back in the NCIS fold, Gibbs will hopefully have the opportunity to help her should she really need it. Plus, he's got the whole rest of the team ready to chip in as well, even if they are still a little weirded out by the Ziva return.

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