The Blacklist Is Finally Ready For Red Vs. Katarina, But Is Liz?

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Spoilers for The Blacklist Season 7 episode entitled (“Dr. Lewis Powell”) are discussed below.

The Blacklist is finally ready for Red versus Katarina, but is Liz? After two episodes without Liz’s mom at the forefront, she is about to come back full tilt. The promo for Season 7, Episode 7, entitled “Hannah Hayes,” hints that The Blacklist is about to bring Katarina and Red’s war of wits to a new boiling point.

Katarina has been playing a no-holds-barred game against Red. She even taunted him with a letter saying that she was better. Having cozied up to Liz under the false alias of a next-door neighbor, Liz has no idea she has already shared some quality time with Katarina. Well, things are about to explode. Check out The Blacklist promo below:

Who are the men that have been controlling Katarina’s life? This got me curious. Is she saying that Red has been inhibiting her? Maybe she is including Red and her father in that equation. She clearly has some bad blood with her father Dom. He is still hanging on for dear life.

Who is opening that door when Katarina is shown holding a gun off to the side? My current guess is that it is Liz, and Katarina does not know what is going on inside. Wild speculation, but that is what The Blacklist sometimes calls for! There are some hard facts fans have to go on heading into the next episode.

NBC’s description for the next Blacklist episode reveals that Red and Dembe will run surveillance on someone close to Katarina. At the same time, she is going to unintentionally involve Liz’s daughter Agnes in her own operation. No wonder Liz has been so anxious about bringing Agnes home! I am curious if Katarina will end up saving Agnes in some way. Or will it be Red?

Also worthy of note is that Brett Cullen is mentioned as guest-starring in the next episode of The Blacklist. Cullen plays the mysterious stranger, who is supposed to be back with some answers in Season 7. So far, not a whole got exposed from his previous appearance. Will the second time be the charm? Stay tuned.

Viewers know that Red is sick with something, and it is bad. Katarina’s involvement in that story and connection to the Blacklister that Red went after concerning his illness is not entirely clear. Nor is it altogether clear if Liz is flying solo as a child of Katarina Rostova. In other words, I think she may have a sibling! There is evidence.

After teasing how Katarina’s return would impact Liz, it seems like The Blacklist may be edging closer to showing viewers how. There are those much-anticipated revelations that have yet to come. Could this episode be the one that shares them? There is only one way to find out first!

Tune in to see how Red versus Katarina goes down when new episodes of The Blacklist air this fall! The action happens on Fridays, at 8 p.m. ET, on NBC. To relive Red’s past battles in previous seasons of The Blacklist you can stream them on Netflix, along with lots of upcoming content.

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