Will Liz And The Blacklist Fans Stop Trusting Red After Season 7 'Revelations'?

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Will fans of The Blacklist, and Liz, stop trusting Red after the “revelations” that happen in Season 7? That is one of the enormous questions that many are facing as we head into the crime drama’s seventh season premiere. It turns out that Liz may be about to confront a crisis in trust when it comes to Red.

Despite learning that the man known to the world as Raymond Reddington is an imposter, Liz still has a lot of trust in him, and this is a feeling shared by The Blacklist’s passionate viewership (myself included). Could something or someone be about to shake it? The Blacklist’s executive producer, John Eisendrath, has shared a Season 7 tease that has me wondering. Eisendrath told ET:

Liz will ultimately realize that Katarina is here. Once she does, I think she will... we spend a lot of time trying to put ourselves in her shoes and experience it with her. What would she say? How would she react? It feels like initially she would react by giving Reddington the benefit of the doubt. He's been in her life for a long time. He has proven himself to be someone who cares about Liz. By contrast, Katarina has been built up in Liz's eyes as an antagonist who has not been in Liz's life. And now she sort of parachutes in. She's going to react like the audience would react, which is, 'Well, Red's been good to you.' But there will be revelations that make her -- and possibly the audience -- doubt whether that trust is well placed.

Wait, what? There is so much to process in this incredibly insightful quote. Apparently, Katarina is going to share information that will make Liz doubt if she was right to trust Reddington. What could Katarina possibly know, and how does it connect with what she wants to know from Red?

Hopefully, answers will come in due time. It is not the first time that The Blacklist has hinted that Red may prove unworthy of Liz’s trust. The promotional poster for Season 7 featured a particularly ominous line. On social media, the poster was accompanied by an equally foreboding caption: “Fear who you trust.” And, it does not end there!

There was another poster released through social media that continued teasing deceit on Red’s part. Check out this fantastic promotional art for The Blacklist Season 7 and pay close attention to its caption:

A photo posted by on

Again, very ominous! The Instagram caption reads: “So what exactly is the truth?” Are viewers about to find out what the truth is once and for all? Maybe. If Liz can get past the fact that Red has lied about his entire identity, she has to have a lot of faith in him.

Is Red worthy of it? My instinct says yes. Remember, Katarina Rostova is coming into Season 7 announced as The Blacklist’s “most formidable big bad.” While Liz is unaware of that, fans are, so it should help Red in the viewers’ court of opinion. Katarina has not exactly ingratiated herself to fans by taking Red prisoner.

When they find out the reason why she has taken him, that could theoretically change. I would have to hear something hugely unexpected, and not in keeping with Red’s character, to think Liz should lose faith in him. Here is hoping that does not happen!

Find out how much Liz trusts Red when the Season 7 premiere of The Blacklist airs tonight, Friday, October 4, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The veteran crime drama is one of this fall's premieres. You can catch up on all of Red and Liz’s past trust issues via previous seasons on Netflix, along with lots of upcoming content.

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