SNL And Broadway Actress Laurel Griggs Has Died At Age 13

Jessica in SNL Santa sketch

A rising Broadway star and budding TV actress, Laurel Griggs passed away earlier in November at the age of 13. According to a Memorial page dedicated to the young actress, she passed on November 5 and a funeral service was held for Laurel Griggs over the weekend on November 8.

Currently Laurel Griggs’ cause of death is unknown, but if you knew the actress or her family, a remembrance wall has been set up in her memory. The funeral happened at Riverside Memorial Chapel in New York City.

Born in 2006, Laurel Griggs made her Broadway debut in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof when she was only six years old. She went on to star in the popular theatrical experience Once, where she portrayed the character of Ivanka for over 17 months. This makes her the longest-running actress to tackle the role on Broadway.

Beginning in 2015, Laurel Griggs also developed some TV connections, first doing work on the small screen for Bubble Guppies and then appearing in a small role on Louie. She also notably appeared in Cafe Society, a Woody Allen movie also starring Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg, Sheryl Lee, Corey Stoll and Sari Lennick, who played Evelyn (she was Evelyn's daughter in the film).

TV fans may recognize the actress most for TV appearances on Saturday Night Live, in sketches that incorporated child actors. You can see her in a holiday-oriented “Visit with Santa” cold open starring longtime repertory player Kenan Thompson, below. In it, Laurel Griggs jokes about coal being “a dying industry,” earning a pound from an elf-costumed Kate McKinnon and a laugh from the audience for her role. Her episodes of Saturday Night Live happened in 2017.

Other child actress Eliza Holland Madore, who also played Ivanka during performances of Once, posted a picture and a tribute to Laurel Griggs over the weekend, including a photo of the two girls in their youth.

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Ultimately, it’s always difficult to hear about rising stars passing before their time. Laurel Griggs touched a lot of audiences thanks to her stage work, not to mention the myriad people in her personal life, and is most certainly gone too soon. We’ll keep you updated if those close to the actress speak out or any more information regarding cause of death is illuminated, but in the meantime our thoughts go out to the actress’ family during this difficult time.

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