The Masked Singer Spoilers: Ken Jeong Was Actually Right About One Of The Latest Eliminations

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer's double elimination semifinal special on December 11. Read at your own risk!

It has been a wild week on The Masked Singer with three competitors removed all over the course of two nights. Two competitors narrowly missed their shot at the finals in the most recent episode, and surprisingly, one of them had their identity guessed by comedian Ken Jeong. Honestly, his pick may be the biggest shock of the season, but let's get into the Thingamajig's reveal with the on-the-money guess by Jeong after talking about Leopard's elimination.

Yes, The Leopard's time is finally up on The Masked Singer. Some would argue it was a long time coming given some particularly poor performances, though when the mask came off there's no denying the man beneath it is singing royalty. The leopard removed his fearsome fake face, and revealed himself to be none other than "Kiss From A Rose" singer Seal.

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Seal is a musical talent, though it's definitely clear he has a zone in which he's most comfortable. Seal also wanted to keep the judges off his trail, which led to his persona that was considerably goofier than his usual stage presence and voice. The gimmick worked well enough on many who watched The Masked Singer, who guessed celebrities like RuPaul or Billy Porter instead.

The Masked Singer's other elimination of the evening was another brain buster for many of the judges, save one. For once, Ken Jeong had a guess prior to the Thingamajig's unmasking that wasn't outlandish, and was actually right on the money. That's right, the same judge who swore Björk was on Season 2 correctly guessed The Thingamajig as Indiana Pacers all-star Victor Oladipo ahead of his actual reveal.

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Victor Oladipo's unmasking wasn't just significant because it silenced several doubters of his identity; it also allowed the judges to attempt and spark a little romance. Nicole Scherzinger had been flirting with Thingamajig for weeks, and now that the mask was off Jenny McCarthy wanted to know if the two would go on a date. Oladipo said he was down, though there have been no photos of the two on the web that shows either was serious about getting anything started.

With The Masked Singer's two latest exits, it's down to the Flamingo, Rottweiler, and Fox for the big title. Truthfully, I think it's down to Flamingo and Rottweiler for the title, though Fox definitely deserves to be in the top 3. The real question is, will Ken Jeong shock the world and guess another contestant's identity before Season 2 draws to a close?

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