Syfy's Van Helsing Is Ending, But There's Good News For Fans

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Syfy's Van Helsing has had a solid run on the network, but much like a vampire hiding under an umbrella on a sunny day at the beach, its time will soon be at an end. The good news is that this isn't a story about another sci-fi series' abrupt cancellation, but instead, its conclusion. Syfy has decided to let Van Helsing have one final ride, and will allow the series to conclude with Season 5 in 2020.

The announcement comes days before the Season 4 finale of Van Helsing, which is set to air Friday, December 20. THR reported that after that, production on Season 5 is slated to start in early 2020. No official word is out on the release date, though, historically, Syfy has saved Van Helsing for its fall lineup. With production starting in the early part of 2020, it doesn't seem likely that that will change.

It's important for Van Helsing fans to note that, by and large, a majority of the cast and crew feel positive about this decision. Julius actor Aleks Paunovic had a particularly positive response to the news, and was thrilled to share the information with his followers.

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Star Kelly Overton posted a series of emojis that presumably showed her approval of the opportunity to finish the Van Helsing story as well. Obviously, the cast and crew may have loved a chance to continue the Van Helsing story indefinitely, but in a world where Syfy has abruptly cancelled shows with no opportunity to fully wrap up the story, this is the best possible outcome. Not only will the team get a final season, they have a solid chunk of lead time to figure out how to conclude the story before the season premiere.

And, if it needed to be said, five seasons on television is a solid run for most sci-fi shows. Syfy dropped The Expanse (which has since been picked up by Amazon) before that, and did the same with its other high-profile project, Krypton, as well. Either show would've killed for a five season run, as would many other shows that were cancelled in 2019, so fans should definitely look at this as more of a positive than a negative.

As for what to expect in Van Helsing's final season, showrunner Jonathan Lloyd Walker teased a big final confrontation with Dracula. Will Vanessa Helsing and her accomplices overcome the dark forces that plague the world? Fans will no longer have to wonder, as the answer to that will be coming at some point in 2020.

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Van Helsing airs its Season 4 finale on Syfy Friday, December 20 at 10 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more on what's happening with television and movies towards the final weeks of 2019, and for a look ahead at what's on the horizon in 2020.

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