Cheri Oteri Busted Out Her Barbara Walters Impression For New Year's Eve

Beloved journalist Barbara Walters starred in a wide variety of notable programs during her many decades long run in the public eye, but there was perhaps no catchphrase she was better known for than “This Is 2020!” Given the calendar change, fans have been petitioning for months to get the retired star involved in the New Year's Eve proceedings. Unfortunately, with her health an ongoing issue, a backup plan was needed. Enter Cheri Oteri.

The longtime Saturday Night Live comic, who played Walters a record 23 times on the show, stopped by CNN and busted out her best impression, much to the amusement of hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen who could not stop laughing. Check it out…

I always enjoyed Cheri Oteri’s Barbara Walters impression because it seems to come from a place of love. That’s really the dividing line between a lot of impressions. That doesn’t mean celebrities always like the ones that are meant as a compliment, but you can tell as audience members what the person is trying to get across. Sometimes that’s having a good-natured laugh at someone’s expense and sometimes that’s giving a middle finger.

You can tell Oteri has an affinity for Walters, and that’s probably why Walters was willing to stop by SNL after her retirement from The View to poke fun at a montage of the various impressions over the years. Good stuff.

Of course, Cheri Oteri’s wasn’t the only tribute to Barbara Walters in honor of 2020. Good Morning America also put together a fun video that featured the journalist saying her iconic line, as well as various celebrities getting in on the action. You can check that out below…

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Our thoughts go out to the real Barbara Walters as we all welcome in 2020. Her balance of serious journalism and engaging personality was a delight to watch for decades, and the void she left has never been truly replaced, even with The View still pushing forward. She is missed and wherever she’s at right now, we wish all the best things for her.

Mack Rawden
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