The Star Trek: Picard Callback Joke That Patrick Stewart Wrote Himself

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Star Trek: Picard is underway on CBS All Access, and while the series isn't a direct sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation, there are some references to the past show. The premiere alone was jam-packed with Easter eggs, and even a humorous joke that Sir Patrick Stewart himself wrote as a reference to Picard in his Next Generation days.

The moment came back at Jean-Luc Picard's chateau when he went to the Replicator to make a drink. It was the same drink fans would have expected the retired Admiral to order after The Next Generation, with a unique twist: decaf rather than hot. Patrick Stewart explained his desire to subvert expectations with Picard's "Earl Grey" order:

I just thought the fans would really, really enjoy that. They expect ‘tea, Earl Grey, hot,’ but instead they get ‘tea, Earl Grey, decaf.'

People change, and sometimes, so does their caffeine intake. Patrick Stewart told TVLine he wrote the line into the script to give fans a laugh, and now, Jean-Luc's preferred way of taking his Earl Grey later in life is canon. Who knows? Maybe he'll get wild in an upcoming episode and decide to chug a gallon of the caffeinated stuff to solider through a mission.

If that were to happen, it may just be because Patrick Stewart informed Michael Chabon and crew that is what Jean-Luc Picard would do. The Star Trek: Picard staff deferred to his wisdom regarding the character, and he had a list of things he would and wouldn't do if he were to appear on the show. Basically, if Stewart wanted to make a clever reference to his character's drinking habits, who was going to say no?

Plus, Jean-Luc Picard switching from regular to decaf Earl Grey is just another sign that he's not a young man anymore. That was particularly evident when Dahj and Picard were on the run, and the former Admiral was struggling to keep up and catch his breath during the chase. Picard was never one to rely on his body over his mind throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation, but his age may require him to think before he acts more than ever.

Picard will need to watch it when the going gets tough physically, but at least fans can take comfort in knowing his health will probably hold out for the already confirmed Season 2. The CBS All Access series has snagged a few familiar faces for the future season and hopefully, audiences will see a few more in Season 1 and 2 as time goes on.

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