Why Star Trek: Picard Won't Include Worf And One More In Season 1

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Fans were already told that Star Trek: Picard would not be a sequel to The Next Generation. High hopes that fan favorites would return along with Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard have been strong, though. Several familiar faces are putting in appearances. Michael Dorn’s Worf and LeVar Burton’s Geordi will apparently not be among them in Season 1. Why?

Patrick Stewart has explained. Thankfully, his answer does not rule out hope that Worf and Geordie could appear in the future. Star Trek: Picard’s executive producer, Alex Kurtzman, has previously weighed in on the potential for Worf’s return. At the time, Kurtzman explained that the Picard-centered series would only bring back characters that are essential to the story’s narrative.

In explaining Worf and Geordi’s absence from Season 1, Patrick Stewart, echoed that explanation with his. Stewart’s answer also sadly reaffirms CBS’ confirmation that Michael Dorn will not be in Season 1. Explaining the lack of fan favorites, Worf and Geordi, from Star Trek: Picard, Stewart told TVLine:

[W]e want to be really, really gratifying to someone who’s seen every episode [of TNG], and to someone who has never seen a one. [W]e made a point not to bring back any legacy characters that didn’t organically tell this story. Which is why, unfortunately, you don’t have Michael Dorn as Worf, and you don’t have [LeVar Burton as] Geordi. Otherwise, we keep joking it’d be The Next Next Generation.

Well, Star Trek: Picard has been referred to as a “hybrid” of The Next Generation and Discovery, so crossover away! There is a glimmer of silver lining from the disappointing disclosure that Worf and Geordi will not be in the current season. While they may not star in Season 1, it does not mean they cannot appear in Season 2.

A storyline just has to come together that brings Worf and Geordi into it! Star Trek: Picard has already tapped some Star Trek veterans for Season 2. Here is hoping that Worf and Jordi will eventually be among them. LeVar Burton has previously spoken in hopeful terms regarding characters from The Next Generation appearing on Star Trek: Picard.

In recent reunion news, Patrick Stewart has invited Whoopi Goldberg to reprise her role as Guinan on Star Trek: Picard. Time will tell if she ends up making a return for the next season. Season 1 kicked off last week, and it made a significant Data reveal in the process, so fan favorites coming on the show is clearly not out of the question.

According to Star Trek: Picard’s star, it is a matter of finding the right storyline. Will Season 2 provide that opportunity for Worf and Geordi? Barring a pleasant surprise, the question of the beloved characters appearing in Season 1 seems to be answered, which means it is up to Season 2 to make Worf and Geordi's return happen.

There is another season of Star Trek: Picard on the horizon, which means this is not the last chance for Worf and Geordi to appear! Not to mention potential spinoffs for the pair! Hopefully, Season 2 is crafting a plot that will require their involvement and subsequently make way for them to come back. Trekkies will have to stay tuned for a potential announcement.

It is official! Patrick Stewart is back as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard. As one of this winter’s premieres, new episodes of Picard premiere Thursdays at 3:01 a.m. ET on CBS All Access.

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