The Masked Singer Needs The Option To Save Contestants In Season 4

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer episode "A Quarter Mask Crisis: The Quarter Finals." Read at your own risk!

As The Masked Singer said goodbye to yet another talented singer late in the competition, one thing is remarkably clear. The show can no longer rely on its voting system, nor its live audience, to keep the top competitors in the competition following The Kitty's elimination. Meanwhile The Frog is on to the Top 4, and it's bewildering that this charade is continuing. Season 4 needs to find a way to fix this.

Personally, I think Season 4 of The Masked Singer would highly benefit form a "save" option to better protect certain competitors that don't deserve to go home. Kitty was undoubtedly in the Top 3 talent-wise from the very start, and due to the odd voting system, ended up getting dropped as opposed to any other competitor with a less than perfect performance.

Bad competitors deserve to go home in The Masked Singer, but as many know by now, the audience doesn't always let that happen. Pizzazz and showmanship really go a long way in this competition, and in The Frog's case, his rap and dance is enough to make the Top 4. I'm not knocking The Masked Singer for letting someone rap to get through a few rounds, but "singer" is literally in the name. A competitor should have to do some singing to win.

That aside, having a save would help this from becoming a problem in the game's late rounds. When the audience fails, this save could ensure that the singers actually make their way to the end of the game, so that a talented winner can be chosen.

The reality is that The Masked Singer frequently having amateurs outlast Grammy award-winning legends reflects poorly on the competition. Since the show's beginning, there has been at least one instance a season where a legendary contestant was sent home over a more obvious choice with a subpar performance. It all comes down to the audience voting, and that's a problem that has stuck with this show for three consecutive seasons.

Is The Masked Singer's lack of safeguards for talented contestants a huge problem? It's not so bad that people have stopped watching, and I think we're all aware that the primary interest of this show for many is guessing the identities of contestants rather than the actual singing. Still, having a save would prevent the sea of complaints when a deserving talent is sent home, and a White Tiger flossing while forgetting the words to "Good Vibrations" strolling his way into the next week.

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