Why The Masked Singer’s White Tiger Messed Up His Dance Moves

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Spoilers regarding Season 3, Episode 10 of The Masked Singer and who got eliminated are discussed below.

The Masked Singer can take a lot out of its contestants. It is not always fun and games underneath those elaborate costumes. In fact, one recently eliminated contestant acknowledges it takes a lot of physical conditioning to sing and pull off dance moves. Add in that undoubtedly heavy costume, and you have a recipe for something quite intense!

Rob Gronkowski, a former New England Patriots tight end, was unmasked as The White Tiger, which was a popular guess among fans. Unfortunately, people learning who was underneath The White Tiger costume also meant Gronkowski was eliminated from The Masked Singer. Cue the Tiger King memes! Now that his run is over, Gronkowski has been able to reveal why he messed up his dance moves.

Asked what happened during his performance of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’s “Good Vibrations,” and about missing some of the lyrics to the song, Rob Gronkowski explained the reason. You can thank exhaustion and not being conditioned for this particular activity for the slip! Of the moment on The Masked Singer, Gronkowski told EW:

That is 100% correct. You caught that. I was supposed to do a spin move and I didn't even hit it because I was out of oxygen. I missed a couple of the lyrics. I was hoping the show could help me out and call me in to just [re-record the lyrics later] so it doesn't look like I have a blooper going out. But that was not the case. That just shows how difficult it is, no matter who you are. If you're not doing that on a consistent basis, it can be difficult to perform and dance at the same time, especially with a full costume.

The Masked Singer has some tricks it uses to keep the show flowing, but allowing Rob Gronkowski to re-record the lyrics he missed is not one of them. When it came to The White Tiger potentially fixing that before it aired, Gronkowski was out of luck. The former NFL star admits he ran out of oxygen due to the physical demands of the performance.

If you thought that Rob Gronkowski’s career as a football player would make him exempt from the physical demands of The Masked Singer, think again. The White Tiger could not claw his way out of this one. Speaking of the NFL and The Masked Singer, Gronkowski was asked about the similarities between the two. His answer may surprise you. Gronkowski said:

They are very similar. You get a little shakiness going, your nerves are rumbling right before you get up on stage and before a big game. It's definitely different conditioning. It's just opening up a whole new aspect in your body. It feels good when you're done.

Interestingly, it is not the first time that similarities between The Masked Singer and football have come up. Chaka Khan previously likened her time on the reality competition series to “playing football.” For Rob Gronkowski, the nerves and physicality required definitely struck him with some parallels. Albeit, he also acknowledges the two require “different conditioning.”

That Masked Singer costume takes a toll, and contestants do not even get to keep them. Of course, they may not want to after spending all of that time performing their hearts out in them. According to Rob Gronkowski, dancing and singing in The White Tiger costume took a lot out of him, which led to him not being able to pull off those dance moves.

At least he made the most out of what he was able to do. New episodes of The Masked Singer air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. For other entertainment options, check out this spring’s premieres.

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