Rick And Morty Star Shares Thoughts On Character's Sexuality Flip In Comic Storyline

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Throughout Rick and Morty's four seasons so far, the topics of love and romantic relationships haven't exactly been used as go-to subject matter on a constant basis. That said, viewers did recently see Morty's other-timeline courtship in "A Vat of Acid," and the episode "Childrick of Mort" partly focused on Rick's sexual past with an entire planet. The Rick and Morty spinoff comic book has also featured some non-traditional romantic plots, including the 2017 arc "One Experimental Summer," in which an alt-dimension's Summer is a lesbian, and is all the more happy because of it.

It turns out Rick and Morty voice actress Spencer Grammer wasn't aware of that comic book storyline, but has some thoughts about whether or not that defining character trait would work out on the TV show. First mentioning the popularized notion that Rick is a pansexual character (which was seemingly proven in full by him having gotten dirty with a celestial body), Grammer told this to Digital Spy:

But in terms of Summer? I guess, you know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that family. I suppose, when you're exposed to multiverses and multiple planetary experiences – why would you settle on one specific gender that's only on Earth, right? That would be awfully boring. [Laughs.] I think: the more you learn, the more you might as well explore an experience, you know, if you can.

Spencer Grammer certain has a healthy outlook about Summer's fluid sexuality across various multiverses and planets. It sounds like she wouldn't balk at the TV show giving the animated character a same-sex relationship or two in future episodes and seasons. It's always fun with Rick and Morty gives the Smith family members bigger chunks of the story, so here's hoping Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's creative team can find ways to make something work in Season 5 and beyond when it comes to Summer's potentially happy love life.

I mean, it's not like Rick and Morty has tons of side characters that would be obvious candidates for healthy relationships when it comes to any form of sexuality, gender or species, but there is at least one girl/woman out there for Summer. Even if she'd have to travel back to Dimension C-1239 in order to rekindle those warm feelings.

C-1239's Summer Smith is very much an antithetical take on the character, and not just based on her sexual preferences. That world's Summer is both popular and consistently happy, largely because that iteration of her mother Beth Smith did not have such an affinity for red wine, as she is allergic to it. Thus, she and Jerry didn't have whatever drunken escapade ended up in Morty's conception, making Summer an only child who received lots of loving attention, with a sense of confidence instilled in her from a young age.

Summer's best friend in this alternate dimension is Christina LeCroix, whom Summer kissed upon fully embracing her sexualized urges. The comic story then, of course, made things slightly more complicated by having the prime Summer show up, only to be surprised by her other version's lifestyle choices. (She and Christina even shared a kiss, with the latter unwittingly smooching a different Summer.) Thankfully, Rick & Co. made it back to the "normal" Earth without completely destroying everything and everyone in the C-1239 dimension.

It's implied within the story that Summer actually is a closeted lesbian, but has just never felt the happiness or self-confidence to realize or express it. Which, if true, is right up there with a lot of Rick and Morty's more subtly disheartening details.

Summer did get one of the best moments of Season 4 so far within "Childrick of Mort," in which she finally went completely buck on Jerry during his attempts to get everyone into camping mode. Check out that hilariousness below.

Rick and Morty airs Sunday nights on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m. ET, and there's just one episode left in Season 4, so expect for it to be a brrrrrrrp doozy, Morty. It's gonna be a doozy. In the meantime, though, check out our Summer 2020 TV premiere schedule for a look at all the exciting shows yet to debut in the coming months.

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