The Only Way America's Got Talent Could Ever End, According To Simon Cowell

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the America's Got Talent 15th Anniversary Special. Read at your own risk!

America's Got Talent took a break from Season 15 to relive some of its most viral moments in the show's history. One by one, the judges revisited some of the most amazing moments and people they've seen, and shared more about how they felt about contestants in those moments.

At the special's end, Simon Cowell took a moment to reflect on the show's history, and where it has yet to head in the future. He shared that America's Got Talent could possibly go on forever... unless one specific thing happens.

I've always had this feeling that this show could live forever. I've always had this weird feeling that 'Why would it ever end?' And it will only ever end if contestants and great people don't turn up. We're very lucky, so thank you for that it's incredible.

Simon Cowell believes that as long as there are talented people out there willing to audition, America's Got Talent will always have a home on television. That's been the case for over a decade, so it's hard to argue against Simon Cowell's point. Even in this unique time, the show is still wrangling a sizable talent pool, so I have to wonder if this show will become one that just stays on forever.

It's certainly possible if it continues to have acts like Kodi Lee, who was revealed as the holder of the number one most viral clip on America's Got Talent. The Season 14 champion was the most recent winner of the franchise, which may be proof enough that the series has only just begun to hit its stride. It also could just be proof that people are more into watching AGT on YouTube as well though, as a lot of the higher-ranked performers on the countdown seemed to be recent winners than ones from deep in the show's past.

Regardless, it does seem like there's room for America's Got Talent to grow even in Season 15. More successful acts give way to similar acts, and even some talents that take two major AGT staple acts and morph them into one. Darci Lynne morphed singing and ventriloquism together, and perhaps twenty years from now that will be played out and acts will doing even more act blending than we see now. We also could be seeing the exact same stuff and the world won't be tired of it. I'm not a fortune teller!

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