America's Got Talent Season 15 May Have Its First Superhero With All The Talents

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for America's Got Talent Season 15's "Auditions 2." Read at your own risk.

Longtime fans of America's Got Talent probably start to see the patterns in the talent that the show values. It's about comedy, acrobatics, dancing, singing, and sometimes, drag. It's a wonder that of all the talent we've seen in recent years, there hasn't been a contestant to blend all of it together into one act as well as this latest competitor. I think AGT just got its first superhero of the season.

That hero was Bonavega, whose act was so unique that America's Got Talent put him last. That's a spot typically reserved for Golden Buzzer-caliber contestants, but tonight's final act before World Of Dance featured a man with a mullet, a guitar, high-heeled pumps, and a sequin singlet that is much more revealing on the male form. Think of Billy from Stranger Things if he was a glam rocker, and maybe twice as buff.

Had Bonavega been a contestant placed in the middle of the episode, he had the look of a competitor I almost immediately assumed was a quick red buzzer. Then the show started, and Bonavega was singing, strutting, and shining across the stage like the best we've seen ever do any of those three things individually. The overall product is very good, but then there's a flair of comedy he intentionally injects that adds an extra dimension. I was already sold before he whipped out a bitchin' guitar solo, but after that I was ready to see this guy in the Season 15 finals.

After he was done, the judges all agreed and were fully prepared to send Bonavega home when he first walked out. After seeing him perform however, they were all on board with what he was about. This includes Simon Cowell, who I think is often a bit more critical when it comes to these types of acts. Simon was all on board this time around, and was ready to see how Bonavega could potentially up the ante.

I got curious and took a look at Bonavega's social media after his America's Got Talent performance, and yeah, viewers haven't seen anything yet. Bonavega has a lot of originals that keep that same vibe that we saw on stage, and a wardrobe to match. And yes, his other music has that same vague air of comedy that we saw on stage, which turns the whole thing into this surrealist escape Bonavega said he strives for.

I'm legitimately serious when I say I think Bonavega can win America's Got Talent. I'll add that this is certainly one of those acts where he's doing a lot, and when you do a lot on AGT, every little mistake is ammunition for the judges to knock you out of the competition. Even more than other competitors, I think Bonavega will have to be on his A-game with every performance to survive, and letting his foot off the gas for just a moment could make all the difference on whether he stays or goes.

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