America's Got Talent Contestant Jonathan Goodwin's Insane Crossbow Stunt Is Peak Intensity

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for America's Got Talent's Season 15 episode "Judge Cuts." Read at your own risk.

America's Got Talent returned to show its judge cuts, and as is the trend with a lot of television airing this year, things were a bit different. Judges made it out of their homes for this latest episode but sat in front of a movie theater-sized screen to see the acts they would need to cut before going on to the live shows. There may be something that was lost on the performance side without an audience and stage, though one wouldn't know it watching Jonathan Goodwin's insane crossbow stunt.

Jonathan Goodwin only appeared briefly in America's Got Talent Season 15 ahead of this, as his audition was one of those done during the at-home auditions. That audition featured Goodwin catching a crossbow bolt with his bare hands which, while impressive, is something I've seen on AGT before. To say Goodwin stepped up the game in his second performance is an understatement, as it was peak intensity even without all the bells and whistles of a standard stage performance.

When Simon Cowell (who hasn't owned a phone in years) said Jonathan Goodwin was the closest he's ever seen someone to killing themselves on stage, I believe it. Like I said, I've seen crossbow stunts on the show before, but nothing quite like what he did with the water. Also, was it just me, or were those bolts zooming past him much faster than you'd usually see on America's Got Talent?

Jonathan Goodwin's performance was so impressive that I legitimately believe he could be the first stunt performer to win America's Got Talent. I think the water element on the crossbow trick was the perfect way to up the ante and bring something new to an act while not fizzling out too soon. One of the biggest mistakes I think stunt acts make is peaking too early, which ultimately hurts them when they don't get bigger and bolder in later rounds.

Jonathan Goodwin claimed there are at least three more acts he has up his sleeve that are better than the last. If that's true, I do believe he's the contestant to beat this season (sorry, Bonavega), and a smart choice for a Las Vegas show that could thrive off his stunt performances. Provided he doesn't die on the stage, of course! On that note, I do hope that his stunts aren't nearly as dangerous as they look on screen. This isn't the type of talent that someone can do and mess up once without serious consequences!

Do you believe Jonathan Goodwin could be the first stunt performer champion of America's Got Talent, or are there other competitors that deserve the title more? Share all thoughts in the comments below, and continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in the world of television and movies.

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