FBI Star Jeremy Sisto Is Already Hyping The Season 3 Finale’s Long-Awaited Showdown

Jeremy Sisto as Jubal Valentine in FBI.

The upcoming Season 3 finale of CBS’ FBI is going to feature a showdown between cartel leader Antonio Vargas (David Zayas) and Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille (Alana De La Garza). Jeremy Sisto, who plays Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine, has teased the conflict in the upcoming finale.

One of the most wanted men in the world, Antonio Vargas was responsible for killing an FBI agent seven years ago and was taken down by the Bureau earlier in the season. The takedown led to Vargas’ associates nearly blowing up the FBI building and Isobel didn’t necessarily handle it as well as she should have when she trusted Vargas at one point. Jeremy Sisto teased to TV Insider, which cites an episode description for the finale promising a "long-awaited showdown" between Isobel and Vargas, about how Isobel will have to approach the situation:

Yeah, it’s exciting. That’s kind of the thing that I was teasing comes into play in that episode in a big way. Isobel’s got another chance to take this guy down and she might’ve lost something in the eyes of the higher-ups from her handling of the first Vargas situation. She has to rise above a sense of tentativeness and trusting her to handle it in the right way. She has to go pretty far out on a limb to do what she feels is the smartest move. The team really aligns behind her.

Meanwhile, Jubal is going to support Isobel in whatever she does, while also still dealing with something very personal he has going on in his family, which may or may not carry on in the finale. Vargas was a formidable enemy for the agents this season from his debut, especially for Isobel. According to Jeremy Sisto, however, the episode is going to be a fun one:

Jubal specifically has to support her in the face of someone else that he cares about that’s in a power position, having to ignore or put aside their concerns. It’s a really exciting episode, another great ticking clock scenario, and Vargas is just extremely good at getting out of a sticky situation. So I think it’s going to be pretty fun. OA and Maggie have to head out of the country to try to get to the bottom of some stuff. I think fans will love it.

There are still a few episodes left until the May 26 finale, meaning that just about anything can happen in the next two episodes before the big Vargas and Isobel showdown. It's no doubt things are going to be getting more intense. How it will play into next season will be one of the bigger questions, but also how Isobel will be afterward, no matter how it ends.

The last time the FBI tried to take on Vargas, the building nearly blew up. This time they’ll most likely take extra precautions, and know who to trust, but just how will it end? FBI airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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