Adrien Brody's Chapelwaite Trailer Is A Haunting First Look At The New Stephen King Series

This summer is set to provide a great deal of entertainment for Stephen King fans. While the author just released a new book, Later, in March, he has another novel, Billy Summers, set to arrive in August – and our cup also runneth over with adaptations as well. Not only is Lisey's Story set to premiere on Apple TV+ in June, but Epix is also all set to deliver the first season of Chapelwaite, as confirmed by the brand new trailer you can watch above.

Prior to the pandemic, the plan was for Chapelwaite to arrive last fall, but now the premiere is set to happen in the next few months. Unfortunately we can't get any more specific than that, as "Summer 2021" is the extent of the release information that has been provided, but we can start getting excited nonetheless.

The new series, which has Donald De Line, Jason Filardi and Peter Filardi as executive producers, is based on Stephen King's short "Jerusalem's Lot," which is part of the 1978 collection Night Shift and is a prequel of sorts to the novel Salem's Lot (though that really only extends to its setting, as it a completely different kind of story and features completely different characters). It unfolds across a series of haunting letters and diary entries, and escalates into terrific terror.

Set in the 1850s, the series will star Adrien Brody as Captain Charles Boone, a father of three who moves his family to the town of Preacher's Corners and into his ancestral home, known as Chapelwaite (hence the title of the series), following the death of his wife. During this time Boone begins to uncover some horrible things about the history of the Boone clan, and slowly begins to discover a particular evil lurking in the house. Emily Hampshire, best known for her role on Schitt's Creek, co-stars in an undisclosed role.

Though we've seen it done dozens and dozens of times before going back to the late 1970s, it's always fascinating to see a Stephen King story brought into live action, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that this one doesn't disappoint. The Chapelwaite trailer above is only a 30 second teaser, but it sets a tone and previews some beautiful cinematography, so it is successful in piquing interest. It certainly looks like a show that will be best enjoyed with all of the lights off.

We'll keep you posted in regards to when Chapelwaite will begin to air on Epix, and hopefully it won't be too long until we get a more extended preview. To keep track of all of the Stephen King adaptations that are currently in the works, be sure to check out our Upcoming Stephen King Movies and TV guide.

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