Why America's Got Talent's Beyond Belief Dance Company Went Clueless For Their Final Performance

Spoilers ahead for the results episode of the first quarterfinals of America's Got Talent Season 16.

America's Got Talent finished the auditions stage and moved into the quarterfinals with the best of the best still in the running for the top prize. The first round of quarterfinals was packed with enough talent that the one guarantee was that whoever was eliminated had nevertheless earned their spot among the top talents of Season 16. Beyond Belief Dance Company was one act that made it to the quarterfinals, and their performance was packed with energy and some Clueless inspiration that made it all the more fun.

Sadly, the Beyond Belief Dance Company will not be advancing to the next stage of AGT Season 16, but the group of talented girls led by founder and drag sensation Justin Johnson put on a show to "BO$$" by Fifth Harmony in their final performance that is not soon to be forgotten. I had the chance to speak with the group following their performance, and just had to ask about the fun costumes they wore. The girls revealed that the inspiration came from the beloved (and iconic) 1995 movie Clueless, saying:

So they're all kind of inspired and kind of like created I guess by Justin Johnson. And his inspiration for these costumes was the movie Clueless. So each of our moms kind of picked out a little cute, like plaid skirt, and rhinestones to make them all look so adorable.

Beyond Belief Dance Company combines energetic dance with different styles showcased, acrobatic moves, effects, and a whole lot of personality in each performance, and the extra element of Clueless just made the performance all the more fun. Even viewers who may not have caught the Clueless inspiration might have to admit that the group created something incredible to watch.

That said, "BO$$" by Fifth Harmony wasn't exactly around back when Alicia Silverstone's Cher was proclaiming "As if!" in Clueless (when Paul Rudd looked about the same as he does now). And according to the dance company girls, Justin Johnson was behind the Clueless inspiration, even as their moms got to pick out the particulars about their outfits. Johnson explained further:

I definitely wanted them all to have their own, like individual spin on the costume. Rather than being like a traditional dance team, I would like to think that Beyond Belief Dance Company cultivates not just amazing dancers, but also these young people are like, they're discovering who they are. So I was like, you know, add your own character to them. 'What inspires you?' You know, 'Show your personality.' And I think you all did a fantastic job.

Beyond Belief definitely isn't the kind of company that puts every member in a uniform costume, as the Clueless homage packed with plaid and rhinestones and even ties proved. It's a shame that the group won't have the chance to continue competing for the top prize of $1 million and a Las Vegas residency, although they came close to the next round. After the judges were deadlocked on whether to advance them or not, it came down to an online vote between Beyond Belief and singer Madilyn Bailey, and Bailey got the votes.

Still, in case you missed the number with the Clueless-inspired costumes, or just want to check it out all over again, take a look!

Although America's Got Talent has made its first batch of quarterfinals eliminations, including Beyond Belief Dance Company, there are still a lot more eliminations that are on the way before the finals. Be sure to check out the performances as they air on AGT on NBC on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET, followed by the results episodes on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. The first results episode saw the triumphant return of Brandon Leake with a message for haters, so there is bound to be more goodness on the way!

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more from all the contestants who performed this week and more, as well as our fall TV schedule for what's on the way to the small screen soon.

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