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Good Girls' Mae Whitman Reveals She's Pansexual While Sharing Love For Disney's The Owl House

mae whitman sitting in a chair backwards on good girls season 3
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Ever since she first appeared as Meg Ryan's daughter in When a Man Loves a Woman at the age of six, Mae Whitman has been in a slew of awesome and timeless TV shows and movies, from Arrested Development (Her?) to Scott Pilgrim to Good Girls. While the latter's cancellation at NBC is terribly unfortunate, Whitman still has a lot of love to give, and she made the awesome choice this week to reveal to the world that she's pansexual. And fans of Disney's The Owl House will be pumped to know she praised the animated series as part of her announcement.

Mae Whitman took to social media to openly spread the word of her sexual preference while simultaneously celebrating her role as Amity Blight in The Owl House, whose fandom has fully embraced the show's LGBTQ+ energy along with all the magical witchery.

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Over on Instagram, Mae Whitman shared a post that included both the message above and the one below, while also throwing in some other pics, including several more of Owl House's Amity together with Luz Noceda (voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles). Both screenshots from episodes and fanmade drawings...because there is a LOT of fan art devoted to the characters, celebrating their adorableness and their burgeoning relationship. But while it's always going to be great to see Whitman giving Amity some love, this particular showcase is all the more celebratory for the actress expressing her true self to not just Owl House fanatics, but the world at large.

Stepping away from the Boiling Isles, Mae Whitman also shared the following post as something of an explainer to give a bit of insight in the most positive and gleeful way.

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To be expected, many of Mae Whitman's followers dropped a deluge of congratulatory comments. Some shared stories about how Owl House's Amity and Luz, as well as other queer characters Whitman has played, helped them come to terms with their own sexualities. I would hope that's an awesome feeling to have, knowing that she helped others break through such emotionally complex boundaries.

The Owl House creator Dana Terrace deserves much credit for bringing Amity and Luz's story to life through a Disney Channel series, which is definitely a first, and as awesome and charming as it's been to watch those two characters connect and come to terms with their feelings, it's even more awesome to know that the role means so much to one of the two people giving their relationship life. Here's hoping the show keeps going beyond its weirdly formatted third season.

Let's also give Mae Whitman some love for popping into The Owl House's long-awaited quasi-crossover with Amphibia during the two series' Comic-Con@Home panel, which featured members of both voice casts performing a script written specifically for the panel. Whitman's Amity was a surprise addition at the end, making an already amazing experience all the better.

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