Good Girls Stars Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks And More React To The NBC Cancellation After Season 4

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The always-on-the-bubble Good Girls is still rolling along in Season 4, but fans, along with the cast and crew, were dealt a serious blow late last week when word came down that the crime dramedy had been cancelled by NBC. Even though the audience for the series, which focuses on three mothers who tire of struggling to make ends meet and begin living double lives filled with lies and a number of criminal enterprises, had never gotten much attention or many viewers, a dedicated group of fans followed the show religiously. Now, stars like Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman have reacted to the cancellation news.

Good Girls debuted at midseason in 2018, and many of those who tuned in to see Ruby (Retta), Beth (Christina Hendricks), and Annie (Mae Whitman) as stressed moms desperate for cash who begin a (frequently) comical journey into a life of crime were immediately taken with the wild show. One of the things fans have always loved about Good Girls is how Beth, Annie, and Ruby stand up for each other and stick together no matter the dire circumstances they find themselves in, and when word came down about the cancellation, a similar theme was present in Hendricks' response, which she posted to Instagram:

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Awww...Beth is trying to protect her little sis, Annie, until the very, bitter end, you guys! As you can see, Christina Hendricks used the news of Good Girls cancellation as a chance to use a meme, which features Beth covering Annie's eyes, as way to show that she knew just how upset Mae Whitman was going to be at the ultimate fate of their show. Whitman has been especially vocal during Season 4 when it comes to trying to get Good Girls renewed, even urging fans on Twitter to sign the petition which was started just for that purpose.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be, and Whitman responded to the news with her own version of the same meme, with hers including a link to the news of Good Girls' cancellation above the same photo, and implying that she simply didn't want to look at it.

One of the things which had given Mae Whitman, fans, and probably much of the cast and crew of Good Girls hope was how well the show has done, particularly recently, on Netflix. The first three seasons of the series are streaming on the giant, and have managed to catch a lot of eyeballs. Season 3, in fact, hit the streamer just a few weeks before the debut of the current season, and the Nielsen rankings for the week of February 15-21 showed that Good Girls was Netflix's top streamed show with almost 1.08 billion minutes being viewed.

Good Girls typically did way better when delayed viewing numbers were added in, with Season 3 being able to more than double the viewership that way. And, it was hoped that Netflix would be able to save the show, as it had previously with series like Longmire and Lucifer, but the deal "imploded," leaving everyone without Season 5.

So far, Retta hasn't spoken out on social media about the cancellation, but Matthew Lillard, who plays Beth's nearly impossible to like husband, Dean, to perfection, summed up all of our feelings pretty well when posting a link to the news on his Twitter feed:

So. Very. Sad.

Luckily, Good Girls will continue to air the remainder of Season 4 on NBC over the next three weeks, Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST, so at least fans will get to see how this crazy season wraps for Beth, Ruby, and Annie. For more to watch, be sure to check out our guide to 2021 summer TV premieres.

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