Watch Scott Bakula, Jason Alexander, Zooey Deschanel And More Share Emmy Gripes In Hilarious Video

Everyone's mileage varies when it comes to the annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which have been more extra than usual in recent years thanks to hosting choices (or a lack thereof) and the pandemic. This year's televised ceremony on CBS was no different, as Cedric the Entertainer gave viewers some enjoyable moments (like that opening tribute) mixed with some truly baffling attempts at comedy (the non-timely fly callback). Even though the telecast is still happening at the time of this writing, I can already say with confidence that the funniest few minutes of the night went to the "No Emmy Support Group," featuring Jason Alexander, Scott Bakula, Zooey Deschanel, and Alyson Hannigan, along with a couple of special guests.

Check out the hilarious sketch below, and try not to freak the hell out wondering how none of the actors in the video have ever won an Emmy award.

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I love that this wasn't a room full of celebs being faux-candid about not having been recognized for their efforts across the past few decades of television, and that it almost immediately went from "Woo, Scott Bakula!" to a metaphorical measuring contest between Bakula and Jason Alexander. ("The Contest" reference intended.) Considering Alexander has shown off his acting chops in dramas here and there, I kinda hope Bakula follows up on his years at NCIS: New Orleans with an offbeat comedy where he can lean into those instincts. He could get a sixth mansion going that route.

In the years since Seinfeld ended, it seems wild to think that Jason Alexander lost out on Emmys to his co-star Michael Richards, but that's how it goes, I guess. He obviously lost to other actors as well, so we can't hold too many grudges. But hey, since HBO Max is doing a dramatized version of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, what if somebody created a dramatized version of George Costanza's life? I feel like either Paul Dano would kill it in that role, with Michael Shannon as Kramer. But seriously, that shouldn't happen.

And with ABC's upcoming The Wonder Years reboot premiering soon, it was quite the timely appearance from O.G. star Fred Savage, who has somehow never won an Emmy either for his work as Kevin Arnold — he was nominated twice, in 1989 and 1990 — or for his directing work. Now, while Dr. Phil McGraw doesn't have any Primetime Emmys on his shelves, he has technically won Daytime Emmys, so he was the reigning champ in the room in that respect.

While there are obvious optics issues with having a Black host talk to a room full of white actors about their Emmy woes, we'll just recognize that and move on, since the segment itself didn't dig into those topics. And Cedric the Entertainer did get confirmation in another silly moment that it isn't impossible for him to win an Emmy next year. Speaking of...

Maybe Jason Alexander will win a Guest Star Emmy for his upcoming work on ABC's The Conners. Maybe Zooey Deschanel will win for her hosting work on The Celebrity Dating Game. Fred Savage could win for directing The Wonder Years' reboot pilot. Maybe Alyson Hannigan and Scott Bakula will win for something that hasn't come out yet. Anything can happen!

While waiting to see if any of that happens, check out everything heading to TV soon with our 2021 Fall TV schedule.

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