30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 6 - Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy

30 Rock put together a silly and hilarious episode this week that sees the possible end of Hazel and the rise of Jack Donaghy.

No not that Jack Donaghy, Aunt Phatso’s archnemesis Jack Donaghy. Who’s Aunt Phatso? That’s Tracy’s latest Tyler Perry rip…oh it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the two get entangled in a power struggle that leads to the brilliance that is a four hour rendition of the Sanford and Son theme. The battle quickly turns legal thanks to Jack, but Tracy is a step ahead of his libel charges. The argument that explodes between the two had me in stitches as they prove to one another they are exactly who they thought they were. Tracy is particularly outrageous and his non-intelligible line delivery was the highlight of the episode. I also really enjoyed the Madea parody and Alec Baldwin’s work playing his fictional alter ego. Lot’s to laugh at with these two this week.

The other big storyline of the week is Hazel’s last ditch attempt to get on TGS and it involves in elaborate scheme surrounding Liz’s bunions. Liz needs quadruple bunion surgery and Hazel offers to be her assistant while she stays off her feet for a few weeks. The show has always had a bit of trouble when it comes to using Hazel to the best effect, but they really nailed it here. Kristin Schaal is a delightfully kooky performer and they find the proper balance for her in the episode. Whether she is pampering Liz’s office or acting as a secretary for Lemon, they hit all the right notes with Hazel as her plan almost works. If this is the last of the character, it is a good note to go out on as Schaal has been a delightfully weird distraction in her short run on the show.

The rest of the cast is mostly put on the sidelines but most everyone is played to great effect. Jenna is great at trying to be Kenneth’s new best friend to one up Hazel and even if it is a one note joke it is hilarious to get inside of Jenna’s head. The writers and Pete’s laziness is irksome to Liz, but I wonder if these are the seeds to TGS getting canceled before the series finishes out its season. Griz and Dot Com aren’t in the episode and they even get a big laugh.

30 Rock buckled down its focus this week and got a couple of top notch stories that brought a ton of laughs. Tracy and Jack are in top form and Hazel has never been better utilized on the show like she was this week. 30 Rock is hitting for a pretty decent average so far in its final season and I hope we can continue this streak as we are now in the final half of the season starting next week.

Random Ramblings:

-“Google, 'Jack Donaghy and black laughter.'”

-“We got football, that’s pretty black, right?”

-“Now imagine I’m not wearing underwear.”

-“Make like a woman driver and get lost.”

-“One of my ancestors mated with a dinosaur.” Where is Leo Spaceman to deliver that line?

-Cerie is very attractive.

-Black coffee is Sunkist?

-“Until the coaches said I was too pregnant.”

-“Bad new Jack, war is my favorite card game and I win half the time.”

-“Uncle Tracy’s Black Teletubbies Rip Off.”

-Best music video ever?

-“It’s like that push up I did last year was for nothing.”