And here we thought the opening of Thor: The Dark World would be this week’s most significant Marvel moment. Instead, the studio’s announcement that it plans to partner with Netflix on four original series stole a little of Thor’s thunder (pun intended), and raised a number of interesting questions regarding the future of Marvel content. Here are five hottest issues pertaining to the Netflix announcement that we want answered … and soon!

1. How will these shows be released?
This is a significant piece of the puzzle moving forward, as I think this will dictate the production process on the Marvel/Netflix programs. In the past, Netflix has made headlines by content-dumping programs like House of Cards or Arrested Development. Does this mean that the 13-episode “season” of Daredevil -- who reportedly will be up first – will be released in one chunk? Is the program going to follow one long arc? Or like ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will these be episodic television programs – a la Breaking Bad -- that will lead to appointment television … and a departure from Netflix’s normal model?

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