Rewriting a classic fairytale for the modern-day and mashing it up with the elements of a TV procedural was a great idea. Despite procedurals often getting a bad rap, the CW’s Beauty and the Beast seemed to have enough appeal elements to bring a variety of fans of different genres together for one show.

Unfortunately, fleshing out the details for a series as seemingly complicated as Beauty and the Beast is another story. The premiere features such a mash of different television genres all cobbled into one whirlwind of a show, it doesn’t give audiences enough time to think, much less enjoy what is going on. A premiere is not the kiss of death--at least it wasn’t for The Office’s jello-based premiere episode or Psych’s weird “let’s start a bromance detective agency” opener. However, there’s no doubt Beauty and the Beast has some problems, and they’re bigger than that scar on Vincent Keller’s face. Following are the five biggest pitfalls I saw in the pilot.

1. The Weekly Crime
A premiere has to introduce all of the key players in the first episode of the series, and adding a murder mystery, some rocky romance, and flashbacks certainly makes this difficult. Not only was this week’s case pulled right out of an "Intro to Criminology" course, it also took away from the time our characters were able to share their personality quirks onscreen. This week’s crime was largely a waste of time (and dialogue). Beauty and the Beast left audiences guessing about the show’s characters, but spelled out whodunnit.

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