Less than 18 months after the end of Breaking Bad, its completely left-field spinoff Better Call Saul is ready to head before the biggest and most divisive jury, namely TV audiences. Better Call Saul has the arguably impossible task of living up to one of the medium’s greatest achievements, and after watching the first three episodes, I dare say creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have succeeded in cutting another distinctly fascinating story from the same grim cloth as Breaking Bad. And Saul would likely use that cloth to wipe his sweaty brow.

Similar to its predecessor, Better Call Saul is about a man working harder than necessary to carve out a path to, if not happiness, then undeniable success. Though there are other obvious similarities to be found, no one should be expecting Breaking Bad: Round 2. That said, here are five things that Walter White’s biggest fans can realistically expect from Better Call Saul as Season 1 kicks off Sunday night. And don’t worry, this is a SPOILER-FREE story for the most part.

Jimmy McGill: Anti-Heisenberg
When viewers met Saul Goodman all those years ago, he was already a two-bit lawyer making hilariously awful TV commercials, with a professional approach to keeping his ears out of criminal activity. Set in 2001, Better Call Saul takes place years before he achieves that local notoriety, when he’s still just one-bit lawyer Jimmy McGill. He’s not a genius with cancer like Walt, and he’s not trying to give his family a financial boon in the event of his death, but Jimmy also isn’t (at this point) assisting in creating lethally addictive intoxicants. He’s just trying to make enough money so that he’s not sleeping in his storage closet of an office.

Granted, he has to do that by defending some truly heinous people and crafting some ill-informed schemes, but self-preservation forces strange behavior. And while Walt’s every move came with his assurance of being the smartest man in the room, Jimmy doesn’t have that kind of mental guarantee, with an ego the size of his battered car’s cigarette lighter. The show’s very first cold open wonderfully lays out the stakes, playing with our knowledge of Jimmy’s future as Saul, and it adds another layer of sympathy to this character who is barely even the star in his own life. Even when you know he’s neck-deep in bullshit, Jimmy earns more consistent sympathy than Walt ever did, and Bob Odenkirk has the perfect face for it.

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