Tonight was the big one. After five and a half seasons of a fascinating cat and mouse game between Thomas Jane and the serial killer known as Red John, The Mentalist finally saw fit to reveal the elusive sociopath’s identity and to offer our hero at least some measure of closure. Because of the nature of long-teased surprises, there will no doubt be some who are disappointed by the big reveal, but from where I’m sitting, it was actually a pretty fitting climax for more than a few reasons.

If you’re on the West Coast and haven’t yet gotten a chance to see the episode, or you’ve simply DVRed it instead of watching it live, I would highly, highly suggest holding off on reading this article until after you’ve gotten a chance to watch the events unfold. The twists and turns are far better experienced as complete surprises. Overanalyzing is always far better after something has aired as opposed to before.

One final warning: This article contains spoilers.

Still here? Alright great. Let’s start getting into specifics. Here are five reasons tonight’s Red John conclusion is the right resolution for the emotional and long drawn out story arc.

Lisbon Picked Jane Over The CBI
During The Mentalist’s hundred plus episodes, there have been numerous instances in which our main supporting character Teresa Lisbon has stood her ground in support of Jane when it comes to following procedures and/ or dealing with her bosses. She unquestionably has the consultant’s back, but that doesn’t mean she’s overtly defied orders that many times. In fact, her main objective is usually to get Jane to work just within the bounds of the rules enough to keep everyone happy.

Forced to pick between the man she cares for so much (and obviously loves) and the job that’s her entire life, she puts her foot down and chooses Jane. In essence, she sacrifices the rest of her career and her good name in law enforcement to let Patrick step outside the law and do the only thing he cares about doing. He has to know how hard that was for her, and as viewers, it’s nice to see just how committed she has become to aiding our hero in his vengeful goal.

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