There’s no denying that The Walking Dead has laid out some major cliffhangers in its first five seasons, but the odd non-linear timeline that has comprised this first chunk of Season 6 has made almost every episode’s ending feel like the biggest thing ever. And it’s all taken place over just one day! (Well, except for Morgan’s flashback.) Sunday night’s episode ended with someone responding “Help” through Daryl’s walkie-talkie, and the Internet exploded with thoughts about who it might have been.

Here are 6 characters that we think could have been on the other end of that radio call. And while I’d have loved to have tossed in “Daryl from the future,” these are all as realistic as the show allows.

the walking dead
The last time we saw Rick, he was back in Alexandria and trying to make sure everything and everyone was safe (as well as romancing Jessie). But the last time we saw him before that, he was trapped inside of a non-moving RV as a zombie horde approached. We never got to see how he made it out of there in one piece, and it’s entirely possible that it was him asking for assistance. Considering Rick’s return to the safe haven was without Daryl, Abraham and Sasha, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they got to Rick and helped him, but it still might have been him on the radio.

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