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Last fall, Duane “Dog” Chapman got into some hot water when a recording of a phone conversation in which Dog uses the N-word numerous times was leaked to The Enquirer. Since then, A&E yanked his series indefinitely until they could look into the incident. Now it looks as though after a few months, A&E’s ready to pick up where they left off with the Dog.

TMZ reported that A&E says they’re ready to go back to work following the Dog around as the bounty hunter and his crew chase down criminals in Hawaii.

Since the recording of Dog using racial slurs found its way online, Dog took steps to make amends by working with CORE to promote racial equality. Considering how loved Chapman is by his fans and how hugely popular the A&E series is, its not all that surprising that the network has chosen to forgive him and give him his show back. There's been no word on when the new season will air.