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It was an encouraging sign last week when FOX announced their November sweeps schedule, and Dollhouse was on it. Maybe, Whedonites across the world thought, FOX is going to support our show after all. They've already said they're committed to airing all thirteen episodes ordered so far. Is there still hope for a full season?


All of a sudden, according The Futon Critic, FOX did an about face and yanked their entire Friday night lineup off the air for sweeps. Instead, you'll see repeats of House and Bones. So this week's episode of Dollhouse will now be the last on we see before December 4.

When the show does come back, FOX is goin to make up for lost time by airing back-to-back episodes up until Christmas. That sounds like the strategy FOX uses when they want to burn something off as quickly as possible so they can move on to something else. Remember how Arrested Development went out (four episodes in one night)?

As for Brothers, it's moving to the 7pm ET Sunday slot that ultimately did in King of the Hill. It's a special slot on FOX's schedule set aside for shows they could give a rat's ass about, but don't want to pull off the schedule entirely. Who knows, if it performs even marginally there it could wind up with a full season pick-up. Expectations are pretty low.

As for According to Jim 2.0, or as you know it 'Til Death? It's off of Fridays, too, but there's no word on when or where it will come back. FOX has been using it the past few years to fill holes in its schedule, so as soon as something drops somewhere they'll slot it in. Sundays at 7pm ET might be available soon.

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