ABC Family’s going through the process of lining up what’s staying and what’s going. Yesterday, news broke that The Nine Lives Of Chloe King wasn’t coming back for Season 2. Today brings more sad news for another ABC Family series, along with a bunch of new projects on the horizon.

Bad News
Deadline posted the bad news on the fate of the one-season comedy series State of Georgia, which starred Raven-Symone. The half-hour comedy, which featured Symone as a woman trying to make it in the city, will not be back for Season 2. As unfortunate as that is, something tells me we’ll see Symone in something, either on the big screen or the small, relatively soon.

Good News
If you’ve been enjoying Make it or Break It, The Lying Game, and/or Switched at Birth, rest assured, there will be more of all three seasons. ABC Family gave a back-order pick-up for The Lying Game and a renewal for the gymnastics drama Make it or Break It for Season 3. Switched at Birth’s renewal isn’t exactly new news, but there’s no harm in celebrating that here.

New news
Possibly coming soon to ABC Family are the following four pilots, which are in production:

Bunheads - Not loving the title, there but this one is coming from Amy Sherman- Palladino (Gilmore Gilrs, Roseanne), and follows a Vegas showgirl who gets married and leaves her wild life in Las Vegas behind to move to a “sleepy coastal town” where she takes a job as her mother-in-law’s dance school. Palladino explains the title in her comment on the pilot, “I spent 20 years of my life with my hair in a bun. I was supposed to be a dancer. My mother was a dancer. Her greatest heartbreak was when I got on ‘Roseanne’. So, while writing this will never equal playing ‘Rumpelteazer’ in a bus and truck tour of ‘Cats,’ it does let me to tip my hat to a really special time in my life.”

Intercept - Described as an “action driven drama,” this pilot is written by Ray Wright, and follows a group of college kids who solve crimes using a device that “intercepts conversations.” The official description state that they’re roped into the crime-solving, so I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the original intention for the device wasn’t for solving crimes. Regardless, this one sounds like something different for ABC Family.

Baby Daddy - Another cringe-worthy title, the premise for this one sounds good but really familiar. Written by Dan Berendsen (The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Sabrina the Teenage Witch), this half-hour comedy focuses on a guy who learns he’s a father when his ex-girlfriend leaves his baby daughter on his doorstep. He decides to raise it with the help of his mother and friends. it sounds a lot like Raising Hope, but that’s ok. Something tells me this one will be different.

Village People - Exec-produced by Meg DeLoatch, this half-hour comedy follows a career woman who adopts a baby from a teen mother and ends up taking in the teen as well. This one sounds like it could really work, especially if paired with Melissa and Joey.

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