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AMC Developing Period Comedy We Hate Paul Revere

AMC may have just struck comedic gold. Either that, or the network’s new project will combust and fall apart as rapidly as it has come together. It’s difficult to tell, due to the idea being so weird. AMC has put together a program about two brothers who really hate Paul Revere.

Apty titled We Hate Paul Revere, the project is actually a comedy set in colonial times. In the project, two brothers will be living in Boston, which gives them plenty of access into what Revere, as a silversmith and an activist, is up to. While many of us would probably think it would be cool to run into the man responsible for the famed ‘midnight ride,’ the Boston brothers simply can’t stand the man. Ethan Sandler and Adrien Wenner will write and executive produce the project.

We Hate Paul Revere is a completely novel idea, and could be genius should it be handled properly. Beyond being a good idea for a comedy, Deadline is reporting that AMC has been looking to push original programming, and more specifically, comedic programming, on the network. We Hate Paul Revere would fulfill both of those needs, and it should even fit in with the period dramas on the network, including Mad Men and Hell on Wheels, just with a different tone.

It’s a little premature to be as excited about this project as I obviously am, but TV Blend will keep you posted if We Hate Paul Revere moves forward in the pick-up process.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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