NBC’s 10-episode Dracula series has signed About A Boy actress Victoria Smurfit. She’ll join the cast of NBC and Sky Living’s joint straight-to-series program as Lady Jayne, a potential suitor for Dracula (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) himself, who will be living in London under the name Alan Grayson.

If you’ve been keeping tabs at all on the series, you should know that Dracula will follow Grayson, who moves to the great city of London seeking revenge for acts committed against him hundreds of years in the past. However, once in London he meets Mina (Jessica de Gouw), a woman who reminds him of his wife from lifetimes past and a woman with whom he will fall in love with. So, where will Lady Jayne fit in?

According to THR, it will be Lady Jayne who is interested in Mr. Grayson and will pursue him during the show. Jayne is described as beautiful, which is kind of a “duh” descriptor once you've taken a look at Smurfit. On top of her looks, she will be a well-dressed and wealthy individual in Victoria society, and even if Grayson isn’t particularly interested, she sounds like the type of lady that will keep the vampire on his toes and will relentlessly pursue her goals. Plus, any sort of love triangle is always welcome in my book.

NBC is currently considering airing Dracula in the fall of 2013. Additionally, Game of Thrones’ Nonso Anozie and Merlin’s Katie McGrath have also signed on for the series.

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