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Did you watch last night's Annual Grammy Awards ceremony on CBS? If you did, you probably already know there were sound issues during various performances, including Adele’s rendition of "All I Ask," which was basically a big trainwreck. After the not-so-great performance—which was reportedly rife with microphone problems, Adele had a pretty blunt response to what happened during the live broadcast from the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Here’s what she had to say:

It’s clear that there were some technical issues during the performance, but it also lacked any sort of oomph, and Adele obviously was none-too-pleased about how the 58th Annual Grammy Awards turned out. The singer also noted via her Twitter account that the performance was so bad, she went ahead and treated herself to some comfort food afterwards.

Honestly, Fatburger is where it’s really at, but that’s neither here nor there. (Plus Adele has shown a love for the yummy fast food franchise in the past.) I can’t imagine what it would be like to be such a credible singer and then to have such a frustrating sound problem to fight through on one of the largest musical platforms performers get the opportunity to shine on. No wonder she was annoyed enough to munch down on a burger—and hopefully animal style fries—afterwards.


It wasn’t just Adele who had a flat performance during the big ceremony, although her rendition of “All I Ask” was a bigger deal, as the big, bold singer is typically known for being a pretty flawless singer when appearing live. You can judge the performance for yourself, below.

I’m not a sound person, but some of the biggest names in the industry regularly perform concerts in the Staples Center and usually audio problems aren’t exactly rampant at those gigs. Here’s hoping the 59th Annual Grammy Awards will figure the sound issues out. Here’s also hoping that Adele isn’t so annoyed that she refuses to perform at one of these ceremonies in the future.

Photo courtesy of Cliff Lipson, thanks to CBS ©2016