After Adele Interview Went Off The Rails, Suspended Morning News Host Apologizes For $1 Million Blunder

The Adele promotional machine has been in overdrive, on the heels of the singer releasing her fourth album, 30. As with any major release, the Grammy winner has been doing interviews and music specials left and right. In most cases, interviewers have been tailoring their questioning around the album’s content. But that wasn’t the case for an Australian morning show host. And after making a mistake that cost his network $1 million, the suspended TV personality is apologizing to the British soul singer.

Weekend Morning host Matt Doran seemed to offend Adele by not previewing her new album before his sit-down interview with her. Per The Daily Telegraph, he called the blinding mistake “an oversight” rather than a “deliberate snub.” In the formal statement, the host clarified what led to the unfortunate mishap, saying:

When I sat down to interview Adele, I was totally unaware that I’d been emailed a preview of her unreleased new album. I have since discovered it was sent to me as an “e-card” link, which I somehow missed.

The grounds for the apology were initiated after the reporter actually admitted the mistake to the pop superstar. According to The Sun, after Doran reportedly offended the songwriter by not listening to her latest release, the British songstress allegedly walked out in the middle of the interview. Before the admission, the personality had apparently not asked any questions that actually related to the entertainer's most recent work. All in all, the songstress definitely seemed to be taken aback by the journalist.

Of course, Channel 7 would ultimately take further action when it came to Matt Doran's recent slip-up. The on-air package that was meant to feature the singer was deemed unairable due to the walk-out, and this is what ultimately cost the channel that aforementioned $1 million. Apparently, the network had flown the reporter from Australia to the U.K. to interview Adele. As a result of his blunder, the network suspended him from on-air activities for a total of two weeks. As of this writing, it's unclear as to whether he'll remain in his post once her returns from his suspension.

This costly mistake wasn’t a complete loss for the channel, as it had also acquired the rights to the Grammy winner's One Night Only special, which featured an interview with talk show icon Oprah Winfrey. Time will tell if this faux pas affects its relationship with the British singer in the future.

Along with One Night Only, the entertainer took part in another special, An Audience with Adele, for her home country the U.K. Following this situation, one would imagine that media companies will be sure that journalists are well-informed ahead of major interviews. And if you'd love to see more of the singer, you can watch the "Skyfall" songstress’s in-depth conversation with Oprah by streaming her special on Paramount+.

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