All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Contestants Include Bret Michaels, Omarosa And Gary Busey

The official word is in! NBC has released the list of fourteen returning contestants set to compete in All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. Eight male celebrities and six females from seasons past will team up once again to show their business sense and use their celebrity status to earn and win money for charity. Who's coming back? Among the contestants is one past winner and one former Apprentice contestant.

Who's ready for more Omarosa? Of the fourteen contestants, she's the only one to have competed in both the original Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. Omarosa Manigault's claim to fame was appearing in the first season of The Apprentice back in 2004, and whose aggressive approach made her one of reality TV's earliest notable "villains", back during the earlier years of the genre's rise. She was invited back for the first season of The Celebrity Apprentice, but again, she didn't win. Maybe All Stars will be her season? She'll be up against one of the winners of previous seasons, Bret Michaels, as well as Dee Snider, Lisa Rinna, Penn Jillette and Stephen Baldwin.

Here's the list:

Trace Adkins (Season 1)

Stephen Baldwin (Season 1)

Gary Busey (Season 4)

Penn Jillette (Season 5)

Lil Jon (Season 4)

Bret Michaels (Season 3)

Dennis Rodman (Season 2)

Dee Snider (Season 4)

Marilu Henner (Season 1)

La Toya Jackson (Season 4)

Claudia Jordan (Season 2)

Omarosa (The Apprentice S1)

Lisa Rinna (Season 4)

Brande Roderick (Season 2)

With the guys outnumbering the girls, should we expect one woman to be playing on the men's team, at least at first? As for the players themselves, we've got Gary Busey but there's no Meatloaf! Bummer. I wouldn't have minded NeNe Leakes back either, but she's likely busy with The New Normal these days. All around though, this looks like a good bunch. We'll have to wait and see what kind of drama erupts when the new season gets going. And, of course, there's money to be raised and charities to be showcased…

All contestants return this season to endure an entirely new set of tasks with the goal of raising money and awareness for their charity of choice. The rivalries will prove to be even tougher as they go up against competitors from previous seasons. Each has a second chance to be named “The Celebrity Apprentice” and have the honor of delivering a $250,000 bonus check to their charity. Last season’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” raised over $2,000,000 for the contestants’ charities.

The premiere date for All-Star Celebrity Apprentice hasn't been set yet.

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