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It’s the question that is going to define the television landscape for several months to come: Which of the Alexandria survivors met his or her grisly demise at the hands of the villainous Negan? The Season 6 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead has perplexed or even pissed off much of the show’s fanbase over the last week. That said, the cast has seemed scattered in their ability to provide us with any real insight into who bit the dust at the hands of Lucille – and there’s a reason for that. Just like their onscreen counterparts, the cast of The Walking Dead has apparently banded together and made a pact about the secrecy behind Negan’s Season 6 victim. Here's what Andrew Lincoln had to say in an interview:
We all just made a pact not to discuss it. It's upsetting. It's too precious. There are certain things that become sacred on set and I'm afraid, I'm one of these people going, 'I can't talk about it.' Every time we've lost somebody on the show they've been instrumental in storytelling. It's the same thing. We lock up shop. We linked arms, got our knees, and said, 'You know what? Let's not discuss this. It's painful. No apologies.

So it seems that if we’re looking for a member of the cast to provide clues regarding the tragic death, we're probably sorely mistaken. Andrew Lincoln comments to prove the cast will probably remain steadfast in their refusal to reveal any of the show’s secrets. The only thing he allowed himself to reveal is the fact that the death itself is "instrumental in storytelling", as well as "painful." Considering the lineup of people who could bite the dust, that’s not exactly much to go on.

This seems to explain why we’ve been receiving such mixed messages over the course of the week. Nearly everyone involved in the production of The Walking Dead has provided an answer regarding whom Negan Killed – but each of these answers seems to contradict the rest.

For example, Norman Reedus recently came out recently and admitted that he knows the member of the cast Negan uses for batting practice, and that the moment is “gut-wrenching.” However, other members of the cast, such as Chandler Riggs, have said they don’t know who will die. Admittedly, parts of the scene haven't even been filmed yet, but that doesn’t explain the different answers provided by the cast. This seems like, in the words of Sterling Archer, classic misdirection.

Check out the final scene for yourself below to see if you can pick up any clues we may have missed:


Whose brains do you think Negan bashed in with Lucille during the Season 6 finale? Are you happy about the cliffhanger, or do you wish the show had provided more of a payoff? We will keep you posted regarding any and all details related to The Walking Dead as they become available; stay tuned!

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