Is Allison Mack Leaving Smallville?

Smallville fans were likely to be shaken up by the news that Michael Rosenbaum, who plays Lex Luthor on the drama series is leaving. Now it looks like another main character from the show could be heading out the door. Rumor has it that Allison Mack, who plays Chloe is considering walking away from Smallville as well.

TV Guide’s Ausiello reported the rumor, saying “This marks quite a turnaround from a few months ago, when I deemed Mack a lock to come back next season. And I wasn't the only one. Although a deal wasn't signed at the time, Smallville insiders tell me that all indications were that the actress was on board for Season 8.”

Ausiello’s source thinks Allison’s “camp” is using Rosenbaum’s departure from the show as leverage in the negotiations with Warner Brothers. Between Rosenbaum leaving and Kristin Kreuk’s (who plays Lana) decision to only appear in a handful of episodes in the upcoming season, the show really can’t afford to lose Mack.

I don’t really watch Smallville but my husband’s a fan so I’ve caught a few episodes here and there throughout the series’ run. As beautiful as Kreuk is, her scenes always bored me to tears and felt like mini-soap operas so I’m thinking less Lana could be a good thing for the show (fans of Smallville feel free to jump in and disagree with me here if I’m way off) but I’ve always considered Lex and Chloe to be interesting and fairly crucial characters. Losing Lex is already going to leave a pretty big hole in the show but losing Chloe on top of that would probably be a disaster, right?

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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