There are a number of guest appearances set to take place in Syfy’s super-drama Alphas and Summer Glau is among them. Summer Glau in a role that may involve super powers? Sorry, I don’t see it. (That’s a joke, Firefly, Terminator and/or The Cape fans!).

TV Line got the goods on the upcoming guest appearances for Alphas, implying that there may be a cross-over episode between Warehouse 13 and the new Syfy series, stating “Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner will bring her Warehouse 13 character, Dr. Vanessa Calder, to Alphas on Aug. 15.” Glau will appear the following week (August 22nd), and the week after, Garret Dillahunt (also of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and more recently, Raising Hope) will appear. Unfortunately, TV Line didn’t offer any specifics on what Glau and Dillahunt will be doing on the series, which follows a group of people with extraordinary abilities.

TV Line previously reported that Rebecca Mader (Lost, No Ordinary Family) is also set to guest star, playing an alpha with what sounds like some unbelievable (and unfortunately, unspecified) abilities. Her appearance is scheduled for September 12th. Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner will also appear in this episode.

Normally, I’d say that crossovers and guest-appearances are on the gimmicky side, but the ones they have lined up so far for Alphas show that the producers and Syfy know their audience, and the potential viewers they should be reaching out to. Considering the premise of the series, I’m thinking those who tune in to see Wagner, Glau, Dillahunt and/or Mader will find even more to appreciate about the show than the guest stars.

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