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Amber Tamblyn To Play Charlie Harper's Long-Lost Daughter On Two And A Half Men

Amber Tamblyn's one of those great young actors who shows up in the most unexpected places, whether it's a small part in a film like 127 Hours or Django Unchained, or a recurring role on House, she's remained pretty active as an actor since her days of Joan of Arcadia and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Next up, she'll fill a previously announced role in the upcoming eleventh season of Two and a Half Men. Ladies and gentleman, meet Charlie's long lost daughter. Did we mention she's a lesbian?

When we first heard that Two and a Half Men was in the process of casting a female role, word was she would be a series regular in her early 20s who would show up on Walden Schmidt's doorstep in search of her father, former star Charlie Sheen's character Charlie Harper. There was no mention of her sexuality at that time, only that she would eventually move in with them, throwing an interesting curveball at the dynamic of the series, which has always focused on two men and one man-in-progress. But since the titular "half" man Angus T. Jones is no longer set to be a series regular - he'll recur on the series as Jake heads off to college - it stood to reason that some big change would need to happen to fill the void.

But it sounds like the plan may have changed for this new female role. While The Hollywood Reporter notes that Tamblyn will play the part of Jenny, Charlie Harper's long-lost daughter, the role is described as a "recurring guest star" for Season 11. Tamblyn will appear in at least five episodes of the CBS comedy, with an option to become a series regular. So it might be safe to assume they're testing the waters to see how the dynamic works and if things look good, perhaps she'll stick around.

The fact that Tamblyn's character is a lesbian is a new piece of information, and from what THR reports, it sounds like it may be part of what makes Jenny a chip off the old block. She loves the ladies, just like her dad did. I'll be curious to see how Jenny's sexuality is used in terms of how her character is protrayed. I think it'll at least partially depend on what Tamblyn brings to the role. I'd like to think she'll play it strong and funny. As a fan of Tamblyn but admittedly less so of Two and a Half Men, I'm inclined to think the success of this casting and the role itself relies more on the show's ability to utilize Tamblyn's talent to its potential. She's funny, talented and she can hold her own in any role she's given. Hopefully Two and a Half Men makes good use to that.

Two and a Half Men returns for Season 11 on Thursday, September 26.

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