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The Walking Dead's post-episode talk show Talking Dead may have started a trend, and a good one at that. This summer, Breaking Bad will also feature its own post-ep talk show Talking Bad, and it's possible we may see some kind of companion series for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, AHS: Coven.

THR shared an update on the subject, stating that FX Networks CEO John Landgraf says there's "a strong chance" the plan for a companion series will come to fruition, but it sounds like they haven't settled on how and even where this potential series would air. Landgraf says they might do "an online thing," but no final decision has been made. Also undecided is who might host the potential series and how involved AHS creator Ryan Murphy would be in it.

So it doesn't sound like anything is set in stone, but it's exciting to hear that they're toying with the idea. Talking Dead is one more way to enjoy The Walking Dead each week, and the same would be the case for other companion series. The internet really has pushed TV discussion and obsession to the next level, so it makes sense that TV would - in turn - follow suit in its own way. For those who don't watch Talking Dead, the AMC talk show airs on Sunday nights after each new episode of The Walking Dead and features host and The Walking Dead mega-fan Chris Hardwick and a selection of guests (celebrity guests who are fans of the show, stars from the series, writers, etc) each week, who talk about the episode that just aired, answer fan questions and geek out over whatever major events might have happened.

With the right host to suit the series, the format could work for any great show, from Game of Thrones to Downton Abbey, Doctor Who or any other currently airing drama with a devoted and vocal fan base. American Horror Story could certainly fit that bill. The series is full of twists and shocking moments that could be broken down in a talk show. But whether or not AHS' potential companion show works may come down to who hosts it, assuming FX actually makes this happen.

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