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American Horror Story Coven Trailer Shows Angela Bassett's Angry Side

Post by American Horror Story.

Hell hath no fury like Angela Bassett scorned. We learned that once in Waiting to Exhale when Bernadine tore apart her husband's closet, all the while ranting about his anal retentiveness ("Seven-thirty-two! The number of times we made love! I remember when that bastard told me he was counting. Right after 51!") or in The Jacksons: An American Dream when Katherine told Joseph she didn't want him anymore. Bassett knows how to play angry, and we see a trace of that rage in the above trailer for American Horror Story: Coven, when Bassett's character Marie Laveau says "She done mess with the wrong witch." She later adds, "Too late for tears, damage is done."

This comes after a positively gleeful Kathy Bates -- playing the role of Madame LaLaurie -- talks about her love of minotaurs. The mythical part-man/part-bull being has been teased quite a bit in the promos for American Horror Story: Coven, including this recent teaser:

Previously released spoilers have indicated that Bates' LaLaurie and Bassett's Laveau are part of the "past" part of this season's story, and that they're at odds with one another. The new promo certainly hints at that as well. Laveau may want to watch her back (and probably her feet). Then again, Kathy Bates has proven to demonstrate her own scary side, so at the very least, the actors are likely well matched. Whether or not their characters are remains to be seen, but with that in mind, we may have something truly epic to anticipate on screen with the feud between these two ladies.

American Horror Story: Coven tells the secret history of witches and witchcraft in America. Over three hundred years have passed since the turbulent days of Salem and those who managed to escape are now facing extinction. Mysterious attacks have been escalating against their kind and young girls are being sent away to a special school in New Orleans to learn how to protect themselves. Wrapped up in the turmoil is new arrival, Zoe, who is harboring a terrifying secret of her own. Alarmed by the recent aggression, Fiona, the long-absent Supreme, sweeps back into town, determined to protect the Coven and hell-bent on decimating anyone who gets in her way.

American Horror Story: Coven premieres Wednesday, October 9 at 10:00 p.m. ET on FX. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the creepy title sequence for the new season here.