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American Horror Story House Is Up For Sale, No Mention Of Ghosts In Listing

Want to live in the house that serves as the setting for American Horror Story? It’s up for sale, but the three-story residence, which includes a grand ballroom, Tiffany light fixtures and more than a handful of bedrooms is going for millions.

Before we go any further, rest assured, it seems unlikely that the location for the series is changing anytime soon. The actual house, which is practically its own character in the series given that anyone who dies there remains trapped on the property in ghost and occasionally corporeal form, was used to shoot the pilot, however according to what star Connie Britton told the Washington Post, replica sets have been built for the episodes beyond the pilot. So, unless there's a major change in the direction of the series, it's probable we’ll be seeing more of that beautiful, albeit haunted and death-trap-ish, home when the series returns for Season 2.

Meanwhile, if you want to own the house, according to Reuters, it’s up for sale and listed for 4.5 million dollars. At over 10k square feet, the house (a.k.a the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion) includes six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and six vintage tile fireplaces.

I found this video on youtube, which was posted back in March but gives you a close look at the interior of the home.

Here’s the current listing. No mention of a gazebo in the back or a basement full of ghosts.

And if you’re looking forward to this Wednesday night’s episode, catch the preview here.

Kelly West
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