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American Idol is an unstoppable ratings juggernaut. That’s an indisputable fact, but the fate of its new spinoff The Next Great American Band is still up in the air. It is safe to assume the reality program will siphon off some viewers from TV’s top rated show, but that exact number is still very debatable. In an effort to emulate its predecessor, The Next Great American Band has announced their three judges, and they seem to at least slightly mirror Idols.

According to Variety, the payed critics will be Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Prince drummer Sheila E., and Ian Dickson from Aussie Idol. I’ve never seen the Down Under version, but reportedly, Dickson plays a roll very similar to that of Simon Cowell. I actually like this group of decision makers. It’s a nice balance of experience and brains, which should pave the way for the right band ultimately being chosen.

The Next Great American Band premieres on October 13th as a part of Fox’s fall lineup. It has been given an ill-fated time slot on Friday nights, giving the impression that executives may not have a ton of confidence in the freshman reality hour. Despite this initial doubt from Fox, I know I will be watching, and I have a feeling that most of America will be joining me.